Molly_Don 15:01 08 Feb 2010

I do the following scans every two weeks, am I doing them regular and using enough programmes?

Disk Clean up
Kaspersky full scan

I've updated to windows 7 do I need to include a disc defragment every two weeks with the above, when I had XP I used to include it within the above scans.

  birdface 15:41 08 Feb 2010

Nothing to stop you from doing a short scan with Malwarebytes daily and a full scan once or twice a fortnight.
C Cleaner once a fortnight or month or whenever you think you need to run it.
Not sure about Kaspersky.
Disc clean up as you are using C Cleaner maybe do the disc clean up once a month or later.
Defrag every 2 weeks should be Ok some programs do it every day.I usually do it about once a month.
Everyone has different ideas as when to run them if the computer is not running as good as it should you know it is time to run them.

Maybe Invest in the pay for version of Malwarebytes I believe it is a one off payment and will give you added protection.

  Molly_Don 16:07 08 Feb 2010

Cheers buteman

I hear what you say about upgrading to malware, although I have paid protection with Kaspersky security suite, I don't want to keep paying for upgrades without knowing what added protection I'm getting (no offence, but for novices like me, I coulod go on paying forever for protection)

  john bunyan 16:20 08 Feb 2010

As an extra freebie, as well as Malawarebytes, I use Superantispyware which has sometimes found things others have missed. I find Auslogistics Disc Defrag (Free) a bit quicker than the built in W7 one.
You do not mention back up to an external disc - do you back up? If not it is a top priority and come back if not.

  birdface 11:24 09 Feb 2010

As far as I know as it is a one off payment and for that you get full time protection.
There may be other freebies that do the same sort of job.
Maybe you got Kaspersky free from your bank but I believe if you are willing to pay for a good Security Suite you should also be willing to pay for a good Ant-Malware-Spyware program as those are every bit as crucial as the anti-virus.
If anything gets past Kaspersky you have nothing to give you full time protection and that is when you may get problems.
If Superantispyware gives you full time protection I would go for that if free.
It is worth thinking about and I am sure someone will come up with a different solution.

  Molly_Don 14:24 09 Feb 2010

John bunyan

I've done a factory restore back up to discs and also done a system repair back up to discs.


I paid for Kaspersky security suite, does that not come with Ant-Malware-Spyware as part of the package?

Just so I understand it right, I've got a security suite package, I also use Malwarebytes for free, do I need to pay for another Malware - spyware programme, or can I use superantispyware along side Malwarebytes both for free?

  birdface 15:58 09 Feb 2010

There is no Security Suite that I know of that has not been breached by some sort of Trojan or Malware.
You have Malwarebytes free version which is only a scanner but To me you need something with full time protection so that when you are browsing it should stop any attacks.
Thats only my opinion others may disagree.
I use the pay for version of A Squared and every page you open when Browsing it stops something from running.It asks you if you want to allow or deny the program but I just deny them all but can always go back and allow it again if i need it.
Wait and see what others think and maybe they can offer some free ones that do the same job.

  birdface 16:01 09 Feb 2010

Sorry I have never used Superantispyware so I am not sure if it does full time protection.If so that would be fine.I would also leave Malwarebytes on your computer and you could do an odd scan with that also.

  john bunyan 16:57 09 Feb 2010

Superantispyware is similar to Malwarebytes - both free malware scanners. Best to update them just before use and manually run a scan - I do one every few days. Re Anti Spy - not sure if your Kapersky is real time. I use Avira but others find MS Security Essentials (free) does all they want for anti virus and malware. You should only have one anti virus programme running, but no probs with more than one anti malware. If you are happy with kapersky , I would also have the above two anti malware progs. I would strongly urge you to consider buying an external HD (£50 - £60) for back up as it is far easier than discs. Data can be easily copied by freebie such as FreeFilesynch but you have to use an imaging programme such as Acronis True Image 2010 to create an image of your system / programmes as a clean reinstall is a bit of a pain in a doomsday scenario as the updates will not be on the original discs.

  Molly_Don 21:16 09 Feb 2010

buteman / John

I think the penny's finally dropped with me, am I right with this, the free versions of Malware / antispyware only remove what's got on my computer following a manual scan, the paid versions of Malware / antispyware hopefully try and prevent stuff getting onto my computer?

The Security packages which I'm willing to pay for offer antivirus / firewall protection?

John, what do you mean by real time – the package I have automatically updates itself if that’s what you mean.

Buteman / John.

Given my little knowledge of computers, as there are so many security packages to chose from are you able to suggest / recommend a security package that scores good reviews? also, which of the malware / antispyware programmes (paid version) would you suggest, preferably, one that's basic user friendly for novices like me (I had Norton Security package once and it was a nightmare trying to understand what I was supposed to do)

Cheers so far

  john bunyan 23:01 09 Feb 2010

I am not an expert but the majority opinion on these forums is that you do not need to pay for a security suite. W7 has built in Firewall, etc. But, again most like to have other options. For a Firewall I use PC Tools. For anti virus I use Avira . Others , for anti virus, and maybe you would like it, use MS Security Essentials , an anti virus and anti malware pack, free, that auto updates. As a suggestion, maybe, when your paid package runs out, why not try it? (Uninstall other anti virus first as two do not run well together),also I would have the two anti malware programmes and use them every day or two in case something slips through.Don't pay for a package and use the saving on a USB back up Hard drive!
PCA had an article on packages recently but most people here think the good freebies are as good.

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