Scanning 35mm, Slides and APS

  MS35 15:14 03 Dec 2005

I've used a basic 1200 dpi Umax scanner for a few years and want to upgrade to usb or firewire. I'd also like to scan 35mm film, slides and possibly APS.

Haven't scanned film before and am not sure of the best options, whether to go for a dedicated film scanner and a basic flatbed (occasional photos, documents) or one of the new flatbeds which have film and slide mounts. Ideal budget around £200 and looking for quality to print up to 10*8 from old film negatives.

Hhope this is the right forum.

  pj123 16:29 03 Dec 2005
  MS35 17:51 03 Dec 2005

Is this one that you've used? or any other options to consider esp if they would include APS?

  Sharpamatt 18:15 03 Dec 2005

ALDI had one on affer last week if you
click here open the base station details and look in the extras, I belive price is around £50

  pj123 18:28 03 Dec 2005

MS35. Similar, mine is the Epson 3170.

click here

  jack 19:32 03 Dec 2005

Certainly for printing up A4 then a well specified Fladbed with lite-in- lid will do you Epson as pj123 suggests and you wont go far wrong.

A dedicated film/slide scanner to be worthwhile would be something like a Minolta in the £500 range
One does see in the mailorder sellers [Serif] and even Jessops a model with a little lid in front that does slides/film only for about £100 or so but I doubt the quality, and then you would still need a flatbed.

  jack 19:33 03 Dec 2005

Out of interest Scanning APS ?
How does one get the film out of the cart?

  Bingalau 14:20 04 Dec 2005

Yes I got one from Aldi last week and it is easy to use. The cost as Sharpamatt stated was £49.99 (and if you don't like it then you can always get your cash back from them). It is a "Tevion 4800 x 9600 DPI CCD; 48-BIT Color HIGH-SPEED USB2. I've no idea what the CCD means. ...Bingalau

  jack 14:38 04 Dec 2005

CCD = Charge Coupled Device
Its the thingy that 'sees' the image
They all have 'em scanners, cameras, corders
Now what will you do with that piece of info

But it any good?
How big an image before blocking out?
Send us a review -perhaps under another heading
You see These thing appear- the same item - under various lables. Jessops once had two - two different brands - same item

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