Creditman 21:59 05 Dec 2003

I am trying to scan a text document into an MS Works Spreadsheet so I can work on it. My HP scanning software allows me to scan it as "editable text" but only offers MS Works Word Processor,Email, file or Wordpad as destinations. Sending it to word processor or wordpad produces an unacceptable format. I can of course scan it as an image but I can't open this in a spreadsheet to work on. Any ideas please ? (using MS Works v.6)

  Pesala 22:34 05 Dec 2003

If your Works word-processor file contains tabs after the OCR import, it should be possible to save that as a tab-delimited text file, then open that in your Works spreadsheet.

  Pesala 12:40 06 Dec 2003

I don't have Works, and haven't used it for years, but there should be an option to import/export comma delimited, or tab-delimited text files.

It is a database format. Each field in a record is separated by a tab character, and each record is separated by a line-feed/carriage return.

Importing such a file into a wordprocessor like Wordperfect gives an option to convert to secondary merge file, or to a table. The works spreadsheet should be able to open such a tab-delimited text file.

Hopefully, someone who actually uses Works will be able to tell you the exact procedure. Try looking at the import/export options from your Works wordprocessor and spreadsheet.

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