Scanners that scan negatives

  ikle_pixie 20:33 15 Jan 2005

Does this mean that when you scan the negative in you can convert it to a colour picture? or am i just getting carried away and its just a way of storing negatives?


  Spark6 20:41 15 Jan 2005

35mm slides and negatives - yes!

  ikle_pixie 20:42 15 Jan 2005

woo hoo!

  Spark6 20:44 15 Jan 2005

Your response time is faster than my monitor ;-))

  ikle_pixie 20:45 15 Jan 2005

tee hee....i've got messenger on and it pops up when i have and e-mail (reply response).

  pj123 21:11 15 Jan 2005

As Spark6 says, yes. I have a film scanner which does slides and negatives. Pretty good results too, not exhibition quality but good enough for me.

Check out: click here

The Primefilm 1800U is the one I have although it cost me almost twice as much when I bought it.

  The Teacher 21:28 15 Jan 2005

I am getting the HP one. It appears than the others so would appreciate any thoughts from anyone who has either had one and got rid, or who has one and wouldn't swap.

I am biased towards HP products though as they are the only company I haven't had any hassle from, either with hard/software or customer services.

The Teacher

  niknax 22:01 15 Jan 2005

click here

try this link if you don't want to fork out much money!! never tried it myself yet


  pj123 22:12 15 Jan 2005

niknax, tried that long before I bought a dedicated film scanner. Doesn't work!

  niknax 22:47 15 Jan 2005

oh good at least it's saved me the bother of trying... thanks Nik

  ton 22:51 15 Jan 2005

It worked for me.

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