Scanners - not sure if I am posting in correct forum??

  pcdimwit 00:12 29 Feb 2012

I want to get a scanner (not a printer/scanner) to scan my old photos and negatives to my computer/external drive. I have NO IDEA what model to get for a reasonable price, the Epson perfection range looks pretty good on ebay, but some of them run into £2 - £400, which is way way above my budget, what would you recommend for normal 10 x 15 roll film photos and scanning 35mm negative strips? thnaks PCDIMWIT

  rdave13 00:45 29 Feb 2012

No idea but it would be better to state which OS you're using as it ranges from XP to 7 at the moment.

  northumbria61 07:45 29 Feb 2012

If you just want to scan old photos and negatives then take a look at the PANDIGITAL - It is portable and you don't even need a PC. It is limited to 7 x 5 inch photos. The link I have given you gives you a good description about the product.

I can't say if it is available from QVC at this present time but I think it is available from Amazon should you find it fits your requirements.

enter link description here

  Diemmess 09:45 29 Feb 2012

I bought an Epson Perfection V-100 a few years ago as a general purpose scanner. At the time I didn't realise it had filmstrip potential as well. I'm pretty sure the cost was well under £100.

Apart from document scanning I have since used it for conversion of 50yr old Kodachrome transparencies and mono negatives, with excellent results showing how awful my local print shop had been when I scanned colour negatives!

Rollfilm could be scanned as free floating on the flatbed exactly like a small document. Times change, most buyers seem to go for all in one with printers.

The important thing is to be sure a scanner has the option of a light in the lid to be able to scan your old film by direct light from the lid as well as the normal method scanning by reflected light.

You should follow rdave13's advice and be careful about software/drivers being matched to your OS

  pcdimwit 10:53 29 Feb 2012

Diemess, thanks for that, I have looked a a few of the Epson perfection printers currently on ebay, they all seem to be very good, I will be using it with either a Windows XP (most likley) or possibly a windows Vista laptop, obviously once I get all the old photos and negs scanned I will hardly ever use it again but just want something that will scan the orginals in a good sharp resolution, then the scanner will just be stored. I'll look into that model you sent, thanks PCDIMIWT

  Woolwell 11:33 29 Feb 2012

The Epson range is good for scanning old photos, slides, etc. But be prepared for it to take a long time.

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