Scanner/printer/copier..All-in-One..are they best.

  Chrisann 13:33 15 Jan 2005

I wanted to ask if I should buy an All-in-one as against just a Scanner...Are there any pitfalls etc. My Scanner has gone belly up..My printer is a Lexmark Z22 which is now 4 years old..although its working perfectly well at the moment. But would it be worth me getting an all-in-one set up while Im at it.

If so are there any which anyone can recommend..There is a Lexmark one which looks a good buy.

I need to buy tommorow (Sunday) so any advice greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Chrisann.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:39 15 Jan 2005

Seems a waste if you have a good printer; what do you want from the scanner? There are some good ones around - my local Aldi still have the £50 one which comes with a film scanner and is pretty good.

  pj123 14:31 15 Jan 2005

Have a read of this previous thread.

click here

  Chrisann 15:09 15 Jan 2005

pj123 Thanks for directing me to the thread..after reading it I think I will just go and buy a new that copies slides and negatives as well. as I have boxes of them ...

Just hope my Printer keeps working now..Sods law says it will be listening..and we all know what that means!!!!!!!!!!


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