Scanner won't unlock

  griffo 13:43 11 Mar 2006

Have a Visioneer 8100 scanner on a PC using W98SE and recently it won't scan, saying I must ensure that it is unlocked. It is unlocked, in fact, to make sure I took the lock out! The lamp housing just starts to move and then stops and the message appears. I read somewhere that changing the USB cable might fix it - nope!

Any ideas folks?

  [DELETED] 13:57 11 Mar 2006

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One little design error, April 3, 2004
Reviewer: James H. Agans (Eldersburg, MD United States) - See all my reviews

This is a great scanner for the money. Unfortunately the design engineers made one little mistake which I corrected. It took care of the "scanner locked" problem. Now I love it. The software is great, the ergonomics are great, and it is FAST! To fix it is very simple, and requires no electronic skills.

Added 9-12-04 So many people have emailed me re the fix I decided to add it here. Unfortunately the fix did not work with most of those who emailed me. My Scanner works very well with Win98SE. I suspect many of those with problems are having trouble with some aspect of their software/OS. I frequently Format and reinstall my OS when my machines get sluggish. Re formatting is absolutely necessary in my humble opinion, especially when you are connected. Its like the garage, you have to clean it out once in a while. I pressure wash mine. :-)

My Repair, given freely, so dont sue me:

Remove two screws on left side under rubber plugs. #1 Phillips, thin screw driver needed.
2. Rotate cover with glass up and to the right and pull hooks out of loops. Lay to the side.
3. Remove lock button from base by squeezing hooked ends together, and push out of hole.
4. Grind or sand down protrusions that stick up from bottom of case. They are what the scanner carriage gets wedged on.
5. Check to make sure wire leads to front controls are not pinched to the point of being severed.
6. Clean glass, lube rails with molylube and Re-assemble without lock.

This is what I did. It worked great.

Jim A

  griffo 15:20 11 Mar 2006

Thanks H, tried that but it still stick after moving about 1cm.

  [DELETED] 15:53 11 Mar 2006

Seems to be a problem right across the Visioneer range. Can it be operated with the bottom of the case removed, this will definately show if its jamming on the case, seems a bit extreme I know.

  [DELETED] 16:00 11 Mar 2006

I got a One Touch 5820 USB scanner as a gift and it worked two times before I got the unlock message. After three attempts to get help from the company, I gave up. So, I hit it a couple of times, moved the arm on the inside all the way down...and now it works.

# 9 Posted 6:55 PM PDT 6/19 by Phillip Unregistered - Email: N/A - IP:

I read your last post and finally got sick of it and decided to beat the hell out of mine and now it works too. Try it everyone, good fix, haha.

  griffo 17:34 11 Mar 2006

I think it's a case of 'if a belt with a hammer won't fix it, it's broke'!! I have tried moved the head back and forth along the bar (having lightly oiled it) and I've tried gently lifting the head and trying to assist it's passage, when clicking on 'scan' but it still stops. I can't see that it's fouling on anything.

Looks like a purchase is coming up!

Thanks very much for the efforts.

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