Scanner wont start

  chrisbenwalker 16:37 02 Oct 2008

I have recently tried setting up my laptop as my main PC after the recent passing of my desktop after 7 years.....

The problem I am having, is that I have a Tevion scanner bought fdrom Adli some time ago, and although it worked fine on my PC, its having problems with the laptop.

Both systems are are on XP, and I have installed the scanner software to the laptop, but after installation, it asks for a restart, but I get a German error message. I don't speak much German...

When I try to then open the scanner software, the get the software showing at the bottom of the screen, but it wont open.

I have tried connecting the scanner as per instructions, but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?

  Terry Brown 16:46 02 Oct 2008

Try this page for a driver update, it all depends on the model of the scanner- A lot of scannes are made by one company with a different badge name.
click here=


  chrisbenwalker 17:03 02 Oct 2008

Thanks Terry, was missing a driver.

Its now working after taking half a day to sort out.

Took just 2 minutes after posting on this forum!!

Thanks again.


  chrisbenwalker 13:07 05 Oct 2008

Re- all of the above thread. The first posting applies again.

I am confused as I had successfully installed the scanner, thinking I had installed the correct necessary driver for it to run. I also re-attempted installing the software that came with the scanner, but now its stopped workng again.

Everything I try fails.

The model number is Tevion flatbed scanner MD 42666.

I am running XP with all available updates. Everything else I throw at the laptop installs fine, and this scanner worked ok on my trusty now dead desktop.

Any further help to get me up and running would be grateful as this is driving me mad...

  Kevscar1 14:09 05 Oct 2008

If you have reinstalled the software it might have over-written your new driver.
Try uninstalling everything, install software then install new driver.

  chrisbenwalker 16:35 05 Oct 2008

Tried that.....what I thought was the driver, is included within the software I think. I can't find a specific driver for the scanner.
Do I need a generic scanner driver for xp?
Is there anything else I coud try?

  Kevscar1 17:10 05 Oct 2008

Go to this site
click here

Download and run driver detective. This will check and see if you have up to date drivers instaled.

  chrisbenwalker 18:50 05 Oct 2008

says there is no driver installed for this device....

  chub_tor 19:44 05 Oct 2008

Most scanners need to be installed in a fixed sequence but if you have the scanner software already installed it may just simply be a question of unplugging it from the USB port and plugging it in again or preferably switching it off (ie pull out the power lead) and then switching it on again. This should force Windows to look again for the driver.

  T0SH 22:20 05 Oct 2008

Flatbed scanners use the Twain interface to communicate with photo apps and the likes, Twain drivers often get installed with the scanner software but sometimes are optional

Try the scanner makers website first if no help is available there try a Google search on Twain Drivers should get you loads of hits

Cheers HC

  chrisbenwalker 21:09 10 Oct 2008 I am still having the above problem, although seem to have successflly installed the necessary driver from the installation CD that came supplied with the scanner.

The driver is from Microtek.....

The problem I am still having, is that when I try to reinstall that scan wizard software, still nothing happens.

If I go to control panel > system > device manager > imaging devices = device is shown as installed and all appears to be ok. I have also checked the properties of the driver, and all appears to be ok.

BUT......while the scanner is connected to one of the usb ports, if I try to go to 'My Computer' the system kind of freezes, not completely, as the moving torch stays on the screen moving from left to right. I have left this running like this for about 10 minutes, but still nothing happens.

I am able to then close down the 'My Computer' screen, but the laptop will behave quite erratically, even after disconnecting the scanner, in that i hangs on various processes I try, and keeps playing up until I restart.

Sorry if I have gone on a bit, although I am just trying to give as much info as I think might be necessary to help me get this sorted....

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