timothy44 16:55 26 Jan 2003

hi, I'm trying to email my friend a review of a camera out of a magazine but she says she is unable to read it at her end. I am scanning it at 150 and iusually send things thriugh the "my pictures " send by email facility which automatically resizes things to send. Could someone tell me what I should scan the mag review into the computer at please so she can read it. thanks

  Lú-tzé 17:21 26 Jan 2003

Try scanning the review and using your OCR software to read the text in it. You may lose the pics (depending on the software you use) but will be able to keep the text.

If you scan and save as a picture, then scan at about 300dpi and save as a tiff. Then convert to jpeg and it should be readable the other end.

Best to save it onto your hdd and then email it as an attachment manually rather than doing it in an "all in one" operation.

  Diemmess 17:34 26 Jan 2003

You are trying to send a lot of data if you scan the text bit and send it as a "picture"
You would think some mags deliberately use tiny obscure fonts just to make things difficult.

Lú-tzé suggests using OCR for the text, and I am sure that is right.
A legible document of the review text will transmit in seconds compared with a high definition graphic of the whole thing which might be 25 Mb or more!

If you want to send a picture, do it as a separate attchment, and then you can choose what is a sensible file size to transmit

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