scanner update drivers help please.

  eysha 11:18 12 Jun 2010

Hi, i am asking for help for myself and friends for this please.
We need to updated the drivers to Vista and Windows 7 but don't know where to look to make sure we get the right drivers. Direct links to the drivers would be great please so i can put them on a USB pen and then go and install them on the computers.
The scanners are;
Epson Perfection 610.
Visioneer Delux 7 for win 98-millenium.
Agfa. works on XP now.
All need to be updated to Windows 7 please. I believe if i get updates to win 7 they will work on Vista too - is that right?
If these scanners cannot do that or are poor scanners please let me know.
I really would appreciate yoru help as soon as possible.
Many thanks

  bremner 11:24 12 Jun 2010

There are no W7 drivers for the Epson or Visioneer on their websites.

I am not surprised as both are very old.

  eysha 11:26 12 Jun 2010

what about the Agfa?
is there drivers for Vista for any of them?
Thanks for your help.

  bremner 11:34 12 Jun 2010

Which Agfa model

  eysha 11:43 12 Jun 2010

its an Agfa scanwise 1.05 for win 98 but i got drivers for it right up to XP.
Can i not update any of these scannes to at least Vista?

  bremner 11:47 12 Jun 2010

Can't find W7 drivers for Agfa either.

All three scanners are very old (circa Win 98) and it is not unexpected that there are no Vista or W7 drivers.

  eysha 11:50 12 Jun 2010

Can they not be updated to at least Vista - any of them?
If they can then i can give them to other friends who can use them.
Are you saying i have to buy a completely new scanner?
if so what do you recommend?

  bremner 11:53 12 Jun 2010

You need a new scanner to work on Vista or W7.

I have always found Canon LIDE scanners to be good and reliable. e.g. click here

Others may have other recommendations.

  eysha 12:10 12 Jun 2010

If i have to buy a new one i would like one that scanned negatives - from film cameras - what do i look for to get that?

  john bunyan 19:43 12 Jun 2010

I recently bought a Canonscan 8800f. I dies everything - flatbed, slides, negatives (35mm and 110). Cost £160 - expensive bit good.Had to download drivers for w7 prior to installing it.

  john bunyan 19:45 12 Jun 2010

dies = does!!

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