Scanner from Tiny won't work on XP Pro

  The Earl Of Sabden 11:32 24 Jun 2004

Hi Guy's..

A bundled PC I bought years back is now in the hands of a friend, it was running with WIN98SE but he has upgraded to XP Pro. The scanner (that has no name or serial number on - with the Tiny name to it), will not load or work. Is there a way I can take the files from the original Tiny WIN98SE disc (I still have it) and install them into his system now running XP Pro?.... Thanks, EOS.

  duckers 11:52 24 Jun 2004

If the scanner plugd into the PC's serial or parallel port you wont get it working. If its a USB scanner you should be able to find a driver somewhere for it.

  pj123 13:14 24 Jun 2004

There was a thread about this subject some time ago but I can't find it now. Your best bet might be to contact Daniel Warren who is the Time rep on the Forum and see if he can help. His email is [email protected]

  wee eddie 13:40 24 Jun 2004

is that a high %age of legacy equipment will not work with it.

The Scanner will be a standard product that Time have re-badged. You may have to be quite devious to find out the model, because you will need more up-to-date drivers. I am told that many older products will work on XP with Windows 2000 drivers.

Otherwise, Scanners have improved immeasurably lately and a half decent one can be purchased for £50.00

  Total Care Support 13:55 24 Jun 2004

Dear The Earl Of Sabden

Hi as you have said you bought the Tiny system a few years back when they where still supplying Windows 98SE before their parent company (O.T. Computers) went into liquidation in January 2002, however the scanners that they tended to supply with their Windows 98SE systems that had the Tiny Badge usually where made be Primax you maybe able to find drivers on their website click here quite often on the underside you will find a code starting with two letters for example “CU” you will need this usually when deciding which drivers may need to be downloaded. However I cannot say for definite that they will have Windows XP drivers available for your scanner.

Please do as PJ123 suggests and email me at [email protected] and I can see what I can find out for you. Please ensure you include enough details for me to be able to trace your account, I would suggest invoice postcode, Tiny (O.T.) account number.

Kind Regards

Daniel Warren
Time Group

  wee eddie 14:46 24 Jun 2004

Not often you see such a positive, proactive response. Well done.

  The Earl Of Sabden 18:02 24 Jun 2004

I will find out as much as i can about the scanner and get back to you..... thanks Daniel.EOS.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:14 24 Jun 2004

I searched for ever to find the correct driver. In the end, I downloaded some win2000 drivers for a different scanner which worked wth mine.

click here

The above worked for me.



  The Earl Of Sabden 21:20 01 Jul 2004

You have email....

Trying to find drivers for a 'Tiny Scanner' that won't work on XP Pro....

Model: FU621D
Number: S/N: 942A015187D1

Thanks guy's... EOS.

  Total Care Support 15:15 02 Jul 2004

Dear EOS

The FU model was a rebranded Visioneer scanner of the same model name.

Unfortunately they stopped manufacturing these a few years ago and have stopped writing new drivers for them at about the same time as it. We would be unable to supply any drivers for these scanners as we did not supply them so never where able to run them though our test bases.

Your best bet may be to try the Visioneer website or a google search as they may have been some enterprising customer of theirs who has written their own drivers and posted them on the web, this has happened in the past with a couple of their models.

Alternatively, you may wish to try what Tasslehoff suggests and see if the Windows 2000 drivers are able to run, as XP is able to handle these with a lot of peripheral items.

You may also wish to try uninstalling all trace of the drivers from the system and then trying in compatibility mode, this is by no means guaranteed, but occasionally XP pro will accept hardware as well as software when done in this manner.

Kind regards

Daniel Warren

Time Computers

  The Earl Of Sabden 21:07 02 Jul 2004

Thanks for all your help Daniel, I will try the Visioneer website or a google search.

Thanks very much ... A great positive help from people like you.....

Cheers..... EOS.

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