Scanner problems

  StellaArtois63 15:46 13 Sep 2003

I am running windows 98se and I am having problems using my HP Scanjet 4300c.I have reinstalled it due to other problems and now when I go to use it it says: Destination not found, then the prompt The HPicopy has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. I go to uninstall it and get the prompt internal error unable to load or call external dll. As I am working tonight I will be unable to respond today if there are further enquiries but will be online to read any advice tomorrow, thanx Ade

  Djohn 19:13 13 Sep 2003


  StellaArtois63 10:44 14 Sep 2003

Can you give me a little more help on that one please.

  Wak 15:44 14 Sep 2003

Suggest you RIGHT click MY COMPUTER on the Desk top, then Properties , then Device Manager and see if there are any Yellow Exclamation marks on any item. This may tell you where the problem lies.

  Smiler 15:51 14 Sep 2003

Djohn was just helping you by refreshing the post to bring it to the top of the list in case someone missed it earlier in the day. refresh bump or ^ all have the same effect.

  StellaArtois63 16:03 14 Sep 2003

Thanks Smiler, thats good thinking, nice one.

  StellaArtois63 16:09 14 Sep 2003

I have checked what you suggested and I have 2 exclamation marks, PCI System Management Bus and Unknown Device are highlighted

  Wak 19:36 15 Sep 2003

If you go in to the Device manager again, highlight the PCI bus, Click Properties, Resource tab and see if there are any conflicts (see the box at the bottom).
Also click Properties in the unknown device and try to find out what it is.

  StellaArtois63 13:20 17 Sep 2003

On the PCI bus it tells me the resource type is an input/output range EFAO-EFAF with no conflicts.
With the unknown device the resource type shows memory range fff00000-ffffffff and memory range ffb00000-ffbfffff with no conflicts.I hope you know what is going on because I havn't a clue

  john-232317 14:47 17 Sep 2003

click here

Maybe something on here will help ?

  Wak 19:48 17 Sep 2003

Hi, this thread started off with a scanner problem and now, by looking in the Device manager, we discover that you have a problem with the PCI bus and another unknown device. I would first suggest that you forget the scanner until you have sorted out the main problem ie, the PCI bus. If you can sort this out then the scanner problem may no longer exist.
The numbers you quote, ie fff00000 - ffffffff etc, are the memory "addresses" listed in hexadecimal and are of no concern to us as they are selected by the computer. We wouldn't know if they were right or wrong, anyway.
As the problem lies with the PCI bus I would suggest you look at the following site and perhaps learn a little about what the PCI bus does for a living. It's all good entertaining stuff, if a little bit daunting at times.
The site is :-click here

One course of action would be to remove the unknown device as this could/may be the root cause of the trouble. If something suddenly stops working then you'll know what the device is, then you can re-install it properly.
I would also suggest that you make a list of the PCI bus drivers and then update or replace them in the device manager.
It says there are no conflicts but the yellow exclamation marks wouldn't be there if everything was OK.
It's difficult to advise further action without being able to see the whole picture (or screen in this case) as sometimes, a thing can just catch your eye which wasn't noticed previously. It's a bit like long-distance surgery!

I once had a PCI problem involving the 3-d display and this was resolved by re-installing the 3-d section from the CD disc which came with the motherboard.

Windows might also have something in their Knowledge Base about PCI problems but at the moment I think it is now down to you to search for a possible problem with the PCI bus.
I will certainly come back if I can think of anything else but, at the moment, I'm stumped until you try the above suggestions.
Best of luck, my friend.

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