Scanner problem

  Sapins 13:20 13 Nov 2003

Hi All,

Sod's law has struck!

I have just this week bought a two port usb 1.0 card so that I can plug in my scanner and a broadband modem to the computer and not use a usb hub, would you believe it my scanner has packed up two months out of warranty. The Epson recommended repairer in the UK will charge £28 for a main board, £30 for labour and another £30 to post it back to france + my postage to the UK. No contest, buy another scanner.

Now that I will probably be buying a new scanner I will go for a usb 2.0 model, but, before I do that can anyone tell me if I can replace the scanners main board myself or should I just throw it away? It really pains me to just chuck something in the bin, especially when it looks so new!!

Any help greatly appreciated,



  Sapins 14:11 13 Nov 2003


  BBW 14:13 13 Nov 2003

Hi Sapins, Where would you get a new board?

  Proxy Worm 15:46 13 Nov 2003

I doubt you could as mine (i tore apart) would need soldering and special tools, and as BBW said where would you get the board as Epson wikll not give to customers like that!I recommend you to buy a new scanner!

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