Scanner / PC comms problems.

  [email protected] 20:40 30 Jun 2003

I have a new PC running XP Home. My scanner is an HP 4470C scanjet. When I connected the scanner to the PC, before I could load the software the PC said it recognised the hardware. Sure enough it worked everytime I used my graphics program to scan in. However, today I tried to use the "email" button on the front of the scanner and it did'nt work. I installed the software which came with the scanner, and everything worked fine, all 5 buttons on the front of the scanner, BUT, each time the PC is switched off, I find I have lost the facilities from the scanner. It's as though the PC recognises the scanner but not the other way around unless the software is freshly installed. I have tried following all the guidance in the MS Help but I always end up with the same thing; scanner works properly when software freshly installed but not after the PC has been switched off. Any advice welcome.

  [email protected] 08:10 01 Jul 2003

Sorry I could'nt stay on last night but it's 1hr later here in France and my wife had other idea's.My other PC ran Millennium so I tried the Prog Compatibility Wizard on XP, but the scanner did'nt function correctly with that either so I never thought to check for S/W update!.I will spend some time on it this morning but watch this thread as I will close it with my findings (and hopefully Thanks).

  [email protected] 13:23 01 Jul 2003

Followed your advice bsod,everything worked fine until I double checked by restarting the PC.Then the same problem; like the scanner is not communicating with the PC.
Follwed your advice Despicable; nearly 2hrs of download installed in the twink of an eye, no change whatsoever.
I have ploughed through the manual (scanner PDF)and the only thing possible under "the USB cable may not be compatible" is this: During my PC changeover its possible but unlikely, I have swapped my mistake my HP Printer and HP Scanner USB cables. Would this make a difference?
If I go to Start>Settings>Control Panel> then double click Scanners/Cameras, I see my scanner there correctly. But if I right or left click on the icon, I just get error messages, one of which says the PC cannot detect the scanner or camera etc, but when I installed it I did get the Windows message down on the taskbar to the effect "new hardware is recognised HP4470CPro" etc.
If I go to Start>Programs>HPPrecisionScanPro and click it, it launches the scanner no problems but I have none of the Shortcut Buttons on the scanner available.Its sure more than a bit this space!

  woodchip 13:31 01 Jul 2003

you need to remove what bsod said, and also all USB in Device Manager. Then restart your computer without the scanner connected, let windows restore the usb that it finds, it will say found new hardware allow this until it as done it's thing. At this stage plug your USB scanner into the computer you will get the found new hardware wizard pop up, click cancel in the box until it goes away, now install your scanner from the CD

  [email protected] 17:11 01 Jul 2003

I will give it another go later this evening.

  [email protected] 10:50 02 Jul 2003

Good morning from dull,wet France.I will have to close this thread soon but the problem is not resolved!I have tried all combinations to no avail. I thought I had it this morning but the restart rained on my fire...
Before I booted up this morning, disconnected the scanner completely.Booted,removed/deleted all reference to it.Rebooted-selected Add H/W Wiz, he said use a disc if I have one,used disc but this time during connection process used a different USB Port-the S/W stated I was installed/connected properly-Windows recognised the new H/W. Everything worked OK. Restarted now NOT working OK. Tried every option in the Program Compatibility Facility of XP-no good. Ran the 64meg update from HP-everything proceeded as it should-nag screens about not passing MS Logo Test but ignored that and installed anyway-everything worked fine. Did a restart but now NOT working fine!!!.I may just stick some Duck Tape over the buttons (same colour)and forget all about them unless, someone out there knows the answer: Scanner and PC happy to speak/operate correctly with software freshly installed, but not after a PC restart.
Oh, it's stopped raining......

  [email protected] 10:09 06 Jul 2003

there is nothing wrong but it still doesnt work! HP say it should, MS troubleshooter says I have a problem they are unable to solve. Swapping to other known serviceable USB ports solves nothing, so, it just doesnt work. There must be someone out there could accept the challenge.

  woodchip 17:00 06 Jul 2003

As Megatyte but "do not put the Windows disc" in when it asks for it put the scanner CD in, and browse to that.

  woodchip 20:04 06 Jul 2003

tut tut

  [email protected] 08:27 07 Jul 2003

I have tried it all - ignoring the Install Wizard was one of the first as it says if you have the installation disc (HP Scanjet) use that instead. To date I have: disconnected/reconnected, installed/uninstalled, swapped any combination of USB ports, downloaded S/W updates, run with/without updates, used/not used Wizards, banged my head several times on the underneath of my desk (don't worry - it's lovely when I stop!).
Conclusion is: it does'nt work properly after a restart but works fine after installation. I have a notion its something to do with the warning "This software has not passed the MS Logo Testing blah blah blah for XP". If I tap one of the scanner front buttons after a restart, I hear a short burst of drive activity - then thats it.
Just have to accept it I suppose. Incidentally, one of the update downloads from HP is supposed to switch off the power indicator neon when you switch off your PC. That does'nt work either.....

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