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  Loo Loo 21:55 19 Oct 2006

HP Scanjet 3400c.

This always worked when I used Windows 95, then Windows ME, but since I have started using Windows XP I have found it impossible to get this to work.

Have installed with original install CD, with latest HP XP specific drivers, have installed via setup.exe and through add hardware/device manager but when launching Precision Scan LTX I am told - 'Scanner not found' the scanner is properly plugged in via power and usb and is lit up ready to go. When getting info on it from the scanners/cameras folder in my comp I have: Status - Unavailable.

Occasionally windows gives me a pop up of a 'usb device malfunction' so I have tried using various cables but still the same result, so where am I going wrong? Does this sound like a genuine XP problem or a hardware problem?

  Technotiger 22:13 19 Oct 2006

Hi, have you tried it in a different USB port - this sometimes works, but don't ask me why.


  skidzy 22:25 19 Oct 2006

With your model xp will supply the generic drivers.Try uninstalling the software/reboot and try just plugging the scanner in.Then goto device manager and update the driver if possible.

Or try this driver,click here

  woodchip 22:34 19 Oct 2006

Just something to try, Go to Control Panel\Add Remove\Windows Setup, Try installing Imaging from the list

  woodchip 22:34 19 Oct 2006

PS it worked for me, You can remove it after

  craig42 13:02 20 Oct 2006

Try the Following

1.Open the Start menu from the bottom left corner of your desktop.

2. Select programs or all programs from the start menu.

3. Search for HP Scanjet 3400c scan and expand the folder by holding your curser over the HP Scanjet 3400c scan folder.

4. Within the HP Scanjet 3400c scan folder there is the HP Scanjet 3400c Scan application, right click on HP and select "Properties".

5. Select the "compatibility" tab from across the top of the properties window.

6. Tick the box for "run this program in compatibility mode for".

7. Select "Windows98/WindowsME" from the drop down menu.

8. Click Apply and OK.

9. Attempt to scan.

  jack 14:09 20 Oct 2006

Tried the above an still nothing?
This almost certainly because the scanner as all scanner have inside a chip that controls the workings.

They were made to read DOS commands from a Windows 95/8/ME system.
When 2000/XP came along with NT system the commands were not reecognised.
NowSsome later models were made with a dual chip -and therefore kept going.
Some manufactures put out revised drivers for some models - but not always successful

You could try one last thing
Go to My Computer'Help Support Centre' type in the field 'Compatability'
And read up 'Getting older programs to work on XP.
You might get lucky
other wize - 'Christmas is not too faraway'

  woodchip 16:23 20 Oct 2006

jack did you install MS Imaging?

  Stuartli 16:32 20 Oct 2006

You should install the drivers and software before connecting a USB device (when advised to do so).

However it seems you are not alone with this problem of a 3400c and XP...:-(

  woodchip 16:48 20 Oct 2006

Went through all that after a Clean install, none of it worked. Searched the Web and came up with the above, as soon as I installed Imaging from the Windows Setup my scanner could be seen. None of my programs could see the scanner although in windows it said it was working.

  jack 17:23 20 Oct 2006

Woody you said
'jack did you install MS Imaging?'
It wasn't me in trouble I am advising here

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