Scanner Mains Adapter

  SmiffyRebel 19:05 27 Nov 2004

I have a Tiny FU661E which is not working I have traced the fault to the mains adapter. Can anyone tell me where I can obtain a replacement it looks like a switchmode power supply input 230 volts output 12 volts 1.25 amp.

  y_not 19:27 27 Nov 2004

If you email click here they carry a full range of electrical products. Give them the specification and they should be able to supply what you're looking for (it just won't have the "Tiny" badge on it.

Good luck - hope it helps


  Dorsai 19:44 27 Nov 2004

As long as the mains adaptor is sutable for 240V mains, and supplies 12v, 1.25A (or more), and the plug on the end fits the scanner, it should be OK to use it.

If it's 4Amp, it only means it /can/ supply up to 4A. the blown unit can supply up to 1.25A. So a bigger one is OK.

  Djohn 20:49 27 Nov 2004

Is this the type you require? click here

  SmiffyRebel 10:49 28 Nov 2004

Thanks for your replies everyone
Yes Djohn that would be ok

  Djohn 21:28 28 Nov 2004

Its going spare, so if you want to cover the postage cost its yours. Contact me by the yellow envelope with your Postal address and I'll stick it in the post for you.

Not sure what the cost will be, Parcel post will be cheaper but slower, Special delivery will be next day but cost more. Its only small but as you know quite heavy. At a guess I would think somewhere between £5 and £10.

If this is OK with you I will post then email you with the price and you can send the money on to me then.

  woodchip 21:34 28 Nov 2004

The last one I got, was from Maplins for a A3 Mustek that I gave to my son about £18

  SmiffyRebel 23:58 28 Nov 2004

Thanks Djohn yes that would be great, but if you live in the London area perhaps I could collect it and still give you the postage which you would not have to spend on postage. Just a suggestion which I hope you don't consider to be too cheeky.

  Djohn 00:34 29 Nov 2004

Replied to your mail, it will be in the post tomorrow. ;o)

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