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  Jim3000 mk2 14:47 19 Oct 2003


I've just picked up a Logitech Page Scan Colour scanner, unfortunately without any documentation or supporting software. I've had a look at Logitech's website, they have some free to download software for the use with the device but it states that it is Windows 95 only, and I'm running Win 98. Will it work with my system if I download it or is there any other alternative software that can be configured to run with it, for example can it be configured to scan directly into Photoshop or Paintshop Pro? Or is there a package I can download or purchase to get it working in Windows 98?



  mark e 14:50 19 Oct 2003

W95 + 98 software are compatable go ahead and d/Load it will work.

  recap 14:56 19 Oct 2003

the bundled software that came with the scanner (by the looks of it anyway) is:Xerox Textbridge and DocuMagix Paper Master, both at a cost no free downloads. I would load up the 95 version and try it out, if it doesn't work you can always uninstall it.

  woodchip 15:13 19 Oct 2003

Software is not the main issue, you need driver for it as the scanner should work in any Office Suit's and any good photo edit program

  Jim3000 mk2 15:28 19 Oct 2003

Cool, I'll give it go and download it, I think they have the correct drivers to make it work. If I have any problems that I can't solve then I'll let you know, Cheers


  Jim3000 mk2 17:19 19 Oct 2003


I've download the software and installed it, I've unchecked the boxes in installation to not include the bundled software that doesn't come with the free download.

The Scanner has successfully calibrated itself but when I try to actually scan an image I get a TWAIN error message. I've tried aquiring images using other software, I get a similar error message. Any ideas, could it be because I've got a digital camera connected through the USB port or something like that?


  woodchip 17:48 19 Oct 2003

When you connected the scanner did windows ask for the windows Disc? Did you put it in? if you did that is the problem let us know what you did when you connected the scanner

  Jim3000 mk2 18:23 19 Oct 2003

The scanner is connects to a little parrallel interface box. My printer is also connected to this via the additional port and then a cable runs from this to the parralell interface on the PC. I then ran the setup.exe for the software and that installed fine, the software boots up okay and the scanner detects the edge of the paper prior to scanning. The calibration tool works fine as well, it pulls the paper through and says everything is hunky dory, its just when i actually try to scan things that the problems begin. I get a message saying 'Unable to Activate TWAIN source, check all hardware and software.

I'm pretty sure there is some sort of conflict because I've just done a test on the printer, I printed a 2 page document but at the start I get a an extra page with some gibberish on it then the rest of the document prints as normal, so this new method of connection has done something to mix it all up.

I was not prompted to use the windows system disk.

I've downloaded all the tech support files from Logitech's website, there is a hugh long list of things to check, including clean boot-ups and stuff like that, I guess I'll have to plough through it!

  Jim3000 mk2 18:28 19 Oct 2003

I've just tried to check my digital camera software, now that won't access the camera, which was working fine before!

Any ideas!


  woodchip 18:46 19 Oct 2003

The reason is that the switch on the parrallel interface box as got to be on for scanner, when you boot the computer or it will not work. Try the scanner direct through the parrallel if it will not work as above

  Jim3000 mk2 19:16 19 Oct 2003

Right, there is no switch on the box. Also, the scanner has a slightly unsual plug, it connects to the box which has a cable out to the parralell port on the PC.

More odd things, the helpfile from logitech advised testing the scanner through the Imaging software on windows, low and behold it did manage to scan, although it has put a big black line through the image. The strange thing is that in order to scan it runs the logitech scanner software, but when I try to scan by directly using the scanner software, thats when I get the TWAIN message. To cap it all I now can't get images off my digital camera through the USB port since installing the Scanner!

Any ideas?


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