Scanner: hp Scanjet 2400...anyone have one?

  Chrisann 12:33 24 Jan 2005

I have yesterday purchased the above new Scanner etc. All the software went in o.k. and it is working apart the front on the Scanner there are two to scan. It says that you can press these for Automatic scanning/printing etc. But they don't work at all.!!!!!!!!!!!!

My question is .if anyone out there has this model do your buttons on the Scanner work?..and if so what am I doing wrong. or is this one faulty.?

Flip..Will I ever get a Scanner that works..



  flyboy 20:10 24 Jan 2005

I had one of those when I was running win98se. Buttons never worked. I tried and better tried but no luck.
It all went to the son in law when i upped to dell 2400 xp-sp2. Got a free visioneer one touch 6400 usb scanner with the epson stylus c46.

  john-232317 21:33 24 Jan 2005

I used to have a scanjet 5P ? the only time the button worked on that was if i switched it on before the PC ;-))

  conrail 22:19 24 Jan 2005

I have the 3400 with 3 front buttons, using xp pro, when I 1st pressed each button, I was given the option to asign a program to use with the pressed button, have a look here
click here
and download the manual, it is in pdf form so you will need adobe acrobat reader, if you don't have it, download it, its free and you can save the document to your pc for future use

  Chrisann 12:19 25 Jan 2005

I have looked at all the info on the and have installed as instructed...but I can't see the point of having 2 Buttons for Automatic scan/copy functions when they don't work.

Should I take this model back and get something else does anyone reckon????


  jack 13:53 25 Jan 2005

What system are you running?
Win95/8 need peripherals to be powered up before the computer boots ,otherwise it does not know they are there. XP/USB sys shold be OK, so see if there downloads from HP.
My Epson Epson perfection has buttons too -never use 'em -- dont even know if they work

  Chrisann 15:34 25 Jan 2005

I am running Windows M.E. I have E Mailed H.P. about it..they have said to uninstall the software and reinstall it..I have done this but still nothing. I probably won't really use them either,,but didn't want to think that they should work and didn' maybe I had a faulty peice of equipment...After all we pay a good price for these things so why shouldn't they do as they say they will.?

  jack 20:19 25 Jan 2005

Windows Me is the problem.

Me is a derivative of 95/8, and this 'modern stuff'
is made for XP whch is NTFS based.

Two different technologies- So certain little gizmoes wont work unless the Maker has arranged dual
capacity - very rare now.

  john-232317 20:49 25 Jan 2005

Thats why i had to switch scanner on first ;-))

  Chrisann 13:42 26 Jan 2005

So basically you are saying that any new Hardware that I buy now for this set up on Windows M.E. will maybe cause problems or not work as it should. I had wondered if this was the problem. Its the same old story..we are expected to go out and upgrade our computers after only 4 years or so.!!!!!!!!!

I am thinking of upgrading maybe later in the year anyway.

I also found yesterday that when I go to Scan etc. the comp keeps freezing up etc. I have 128 ram so that should be alright shouldn't it??

HP. site are trying to help me but still no joy.
I have so far turned off a frozen comp yesterday 3 times..Getting a bit worried now really.

Any more ideas as to what I should do..Apart from throw the new Scanner to the winds...??


  Chrisann 14:06 26 Jan 2005

Yes I tried to do this as was suggested by the H.P. site. When I click on the properties box nothing happens..and everything freezes up as well.!!! Mouse and the lot!!! I kept trying this to no avail. so couldn't go any further with that!!!!


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