Scanner goes through motions but no images

  Wendy 11:55 27 Mar 2004

My scanner, which is new(ish) a Trust 240th Webscan Gold, has suddenly stopped working properly. This was after two events. I don't know which as I don't use the scanner daily. The first event was that I re-installed my fax driver. The second event was that we had a power cut where the power was switched on and off three times in quick succession, whilst the computer was on. The computer and scanner power adapter are plugged into a surge protected strip.
The scanner is also connected via USB2. The power adapter is from my old scanner, so I've had it for a few years. Could that be the problem?

The scanner lights up, makes the passes, appears to do all the right things, makes the right noises, but no images - just a blur, as though the scanner was empty.
Thanks for any help

  Bebee 14:15 27 Mar 2004

I would suggest unplugging the scanner, uninstalling and then reinstalling the software. Follow the original instructions if you have them. Install the software before plugging in the scanner.

It might be worth looking for updated drivers on the manufacturer's site first.

  Wendy 16:47 27 Mar 2004

Actually I had tried this initially, but I have just tried again for good measure. I restarted the computer twice after uninstalling all the old software, and then again before re-attaching the scanner. Still no joy though. Any ideas?

  Wendy 16:50 27 Mar 2004

P.S. I mean that I installed the scanner software, then restarted, then closed down, before attaching the scanner. I've tried it exactly as per original instructions, so I was just trying to be really thorough.

  woodchip 16:57 27 Mar 2004

Suggest you remove the scanner from Add Remove and reload the Drivers and Software. You need to remove all the software, including the scanner folder from Explorer then reinstall

  Wendy 11:41 28 Mar 2004

Well I've just spent all morning uninstalling, disconnecting, reinstalling software, shutting down and re-connecting, but still no luck. should I go into the registry to ensure it is expunged from there also before I re-install?
Could it have anything to do with my graphics card? I've had other problems with that.
I have noticed a scratch on the scanner glass; would this make any difference?
It's really annoying as it did work perfectly before. (Sorry I'm getting to the end of my tether a bit on this).
Thanks for all your suggestions. You seem to agree that it is something to do with the software driver. I have downloaded the latest one by the way.

  SANTOS7 11:53 28 Mar 2004

if your scan looks like a gaint coloured barcode
it could well be the lightbar on your scanner i had a similar prob, mine was terminal for the scanner, anyway!! if i remember correctly when you scan the lightbar should be green if the lightbar is faulty it stays (purpley) in colour,
someone else may be able to concur this. good luck. [email protected]

  Wendy 16:12 28 Mar 2004

Hi Santos,
I'm afraid this does sound very much like it. The light stays white, and the scan is like a giant bar code.
I wonder if the on/off power cut caused it? Maybe I could claim from the power company?
I only bought the scanner a few months ago, and it wasn't the cheapest.
Thanks for your input,
best wishes

  woodchip 16:16 28 Mar 2004

Take it back under Guarantee, After all you do not know what’s happened to it. Say it just stoped working and see what response you get

  SANTOS7 16:39 28 Mar 2004

i agree with woodchip take it back and make a few noises. good luck

  arricarry 17:00 28 Mar 2004

Did you not get a compatible power adapter with the scanner? It may be the old adapter has caused the failure, as the output is different.

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