Scanner gives purple cast

  liberatortoo 19:24 30 Mar 2010

I've got an old Canon 8000F flat bed scanner that I'd not used for a number of years.

Recently, I went to scan some slides (transparancies) but they came out with a purple cast.

I tried recalibrating the scanner, but this didn't work.

Has anyone got any suggestions?

I'm loathe to get rid of it cos I 've hardly used it, but Canon want to charge a lot just to look at it and if it can be repaired, the cost will be nearly that of a new scanner. I can't seem to find anyone that does scanner repairs (in London) so if anyone's got suggestions for this also, I 'd be grateful.

Many thanks in advance for help

  Woolwell 23:49 30 Mar 2010

How old are the slides? Some of my old slides scanned with a hue but then they lost colour over the years. Suggest you try scanning a standard photo first and see if that has any colour problems. It may be just transparencies.

  onionskin 08:43 31 Mar 2010

Are you scanning them as colour negatives, which have an orange cast so the scanner cmompensates with a purple cast.

  onionskin 08:44 31 Mar 2010

*cmompensates - or something.

  Diemmess 08:54 31 Mar 2010

If the 8000F is similar in principle to a not so old Epson that I have then -

There are two lamps, the one in the lid being used only for transparent film or slides.
May be the lid light is faulty?

One test you could try is to scan some small scrap of clear plastic and see how that turns out?

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