Scanner Error message scanner not working

  Elaine Lowe 15:01 14 Mar 2018


I have a Canon MG5450 printer and I can not get the scanner to work. I am getting message 'Software for "%@" failed to run.' I know it is not a problem with the printer as I can scan via my laptop. Any suggestions. Elaine

  alanrwood 15:21 14 Mar 2018

Have you tried reinstalling the scanner and printer software.

  wiganken2 15:27 14 Mar 2018

So you can scan documents using your laptop and save the scan on your laptop? If I understand you correctly you are trying to use the scan control on your printer but then where would you save your scan to? Does your printer have a USB port and you want to save it to a USB stick? I must admit I cannot see why you would want to do this. It is much easier to control a scan and then view it using your laptop. However, assuming this what you want to do then it seems you need to set up the scan options at the printer screen selecting the options you want the printer to use before you can use the scanner direct from the printer. By options I mean "Where to save the scan to", "Scan output format like jpeg, pdf etc", scan resolution etc. I hope I understood your question and good luck.

  wiganken2 17:36 14 Mar 2018

BTW I reckon you would need to have your memory stick/card inserted before starting the scan from the printer panel. Otherwise (I imagine) it would not find anywhere to save the scan to (because your laptop is switched off) and so can't start the scan process. I can't see how you would check the finished scan result using this method hence why I have never used the printer scan button. I only ever scan using my PC scan command.

  wee eddie 18:17 22 Jun 2018

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