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Scanner Driver confusion re upgrade to Win 10

  iscanut 20:12 30 Jul 2015

My Canon Scanner is not compatible with Win 7 64 bit or, according to the Win 8 upgrade assistant, not compatible with that either, However, the win 10 report states that ALL my printers and scanners ARE OK ! The Canon driver website confirms the incompatibility as well, even stating that there are no drivers for Win 10. What to believe ? The scanner is a Lide 80. Has anyone else got this scanner and come across this uncertainty ?

  tullie 20:31 30 Jul 2015

Have you tried it?

  hssutton 20:32 30 Jul 2015

Yes you are correct no 64 bit drivers, have a read here it may solve your problem. Canon Lide drivers

  iscanut 10:56 31 Jul 2015

Thanks hssutton, will have a go and see what happens. Will have to try it tonight but will report back asap.

tullie, I have not yet been invited to download Win 10 but will do so. I have a laptop running Vista which the scanner works with so will not need to buy a newer one.

  wee eddie 11:12 31 Jul 2015

I have just been checking out my Lide 210. There appear to be W10 Drivers on the Canon site, under the heading Downloads and Support, on the right hand side

  iscanut 11:26 31 Jul 2015

Thanks wee one, will have a look later, but last time I checked it said there were no drivers in Win 10 for the Lide 80.

  Jollyjohn 11:57 31 Jul 2015

If you cannot find the drivers go to and see if your scanner is supported, if it is download Vuescan, it will say Vuescan for W8.1 but it worked with my Epson scanner on W10

  iscanut 22:28 31 Jul 2015

jollyjohn..thanks, tried this but get the following..... No scanner was found attached to your computer. If you have one, close this tip window, exit VueScan, turn on the scanner and run VueScan again.

It is attached and on so have given up.

Also tried hssutton's tip but still no go. I will have to use laptyop and Vista to use my scanner until I get a newer one that will work with Win 7 and 10 64 bit, thanks all.

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