Scanner ...Changed to Epson Perfection 2480 Photo

  Chrisann 20:18 31 Jan 2005

Hi all. Well I have changed my H.P. Scanjet Scanner to the one as above. Everything installed o.k. and it works very well.

Can I ask anyone who has one....Does your copy Function work slow. Mine is painfully fact from Scan to print a copy it took over 20 mins for one copy.!!!!!!!!! I am on Windows M.E. and the |u.s.b. hub is only a 1.1 and not a 2..but the shop said it would be fine..just a bit slower..but this is just ridiculour.

Anyone have any comments or ideas. I am getting a bit fed up of trying different Scanners..when all I want is to be able to Scan and copy out mostly letters etc. and the odd photo perhaps.

Chrisann. Thanks..

  john-232317 20:34 31 Jan 2005

My scsi scanjet used to take under a minute to scan and print.

  Totally-braindead 20:40 31 Jan 2005

I wonder if its the settings you're scanning at. If you scan a colour photo at the highest settings then 20 minutes wouldn't be too much of a surprise but if you're scanning in an A4 black and white document then I would have thought it should have been more like 30 seconds. Have a look at your scanning settings and try altering them.

  Chrisann 14:21 01 Feb 2005

Hi and thanks for the suggestion...When I go into the software etc. I put up everything as recognises what is being scanned..i.e. a letter and then proceeds to scan and copy...But it is still about 20 mins..and for me this is a no go.!!! I would expect about 2 mins which my other oldish scanner used to do.

At this rate I will have tried every scanner on the market.

Still scratching my head on this one..

So anyone else any ideas..or if anyone has this model can you advise please.??


  Technotiger 14:33 01 Feb 2005

Hi, I have the Epson Perfection 1650 Photo - it is in my opinion excellent and has never taken more than a minute or so to do any scan, print or picture.

Are any other programs running slower than normal?


  Technotiger 14:38 01 Feb 2005

Sorry, I meant to say - text or picture.

  Chrisann 14:44 01 Feb 2005

No ..all my other programmes are o.k. It just seems to be scanning for about 10 mins and then another to get me a copy to the printer...I have entered all the details correctly for a letter etc. but still taking a long time. In the shop they said it would possibly be a little slower being a 2 usb. hub and I support 1.1 on this set up..but this is a no go for me. I must be doing something wrong....I could take a bath while I wait for a print out.!!!!!!!!!


  Technotiger 14:51 01 Feb 2005

Me again - the reason I asked about other progs was that perhaps you might have needed a general clean-up, getting rid of temp files/disk cleanup etc. So, the only other thing I can think of is perhaps you should get a pci usb2 card with say 4 usb ports on it. You would then be able to take advantage of the greater speeds. These cards are not expensive, easy to fit and well worth having on your pc.


  Lettervanman 14:54 01 Feb 2005

Hi! I have the same scanner and just tried a copy of black and white A4 full page of print.
90 seconds to print out page from the time I pressed the copy button. On XP. Scanner on usb 2 but printer I use for letters is Deskjet 720c (old)parallel connection not usb!

  Chrisann 15:14 01 Feb 2005

Thanks for coming back...I am going to have another go shortly to make sure I am not doing something wrong..!!!

Can I have this extra Card then on my sytem..I am running Windows M.E. 700 processesor..10 hard d. 128 of ram..just an entry level P.C. 4 years old but still running well for me really...Its just the Scanjet scanner I had..(the transformer has gone on it) was just adequate for me to scan and copy out letters etc. as I work from home for hubby etc. Piccies are secondary to what I need a scanner for.!!!!!


  Technotiger 12:57 02 Feb 2005

Yes, all you need for it is a spare pci slot.


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