Scanner and camera wizard

  1dave2 09:44 07 Oct 2003

Hi guys. When i open my wizard to download my pics off my camera im asked to type a name for the group of pics. At the side is a drop down arrow which shows all my previous names that i have typed in. How do i delete the list as its now getting very large. Im using XP and I dont use Autocomplete. I have also tried ticking the usual "clear forms" and "addresses" etc but nothing seems to do it.

Thanks in advance.

  expertec 09:46 07 Oct 2003

try moving your mouse cursor over a name in the list and pressing Delete

  1dave2 09:50 07 Oct 2003

I've done that...I dont think this will be so easy!...I wish!

  expertec 09:54 07 Oct 2003

Run regedit, got to Edit --> Find, and put in one of the names in the list, this should find out if they are stored in the registry and if so where

  1dave2 10:04 07 Oct 2003

ive found it..its under root file i just delete it all?

  1dave2 10:28 07 Oct 2003

I've deleted it and they are now gone. Im very happy! THanks very much Expertec, Im in your debt!

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