Scanner - buy?

  david4637 14:43 16 Mar 2003

I am thinking or buying a scanner. W98SE, HD 6Gb, 64Mb Ram. I would prefer the package to have OCR software bundled if possible. Any ideas what to look for, obviously the chaepest with the best facilities. Will probably use it more for photocopying than scanning pictures in. Thanks David

  Diemmess 15:31 16 Mar 2003

Look at recent reviews, there is a lot of good stuff about, stay with the best known names.

Do bear in mind the limitations of your present system..........You can.. do it with only 64Mb, but large images will slow things up beyond belief.

Also 6Gb is enough....... but if you want to save a lot of pics......

Finally OCR is often bundled with the scanner, but wise to check with the supplier/package.

  Simsy 16:44 16 Mar 2003

click here

I recently bought the N760U from them for my son. It's fine. My own is a previous model, 630U and it is regularly used for scanning photos with super results, so for your requirements it will be be more than suitable.

It does come with OCR software, (at least the one I bought did!)



  Scouse 17:30 16 Mar 2003

All Scanners in the Epson Perfection range are excellent performers and come bundled with a total software package. OCR included.

  david4637 13:50 17 Mar 2003

Thanks for your ideas, I looked up Morgans and they have a Canon CanoScan D1230U for £59inc VAT. What do you think? Thanks David

  woodchip 14:10 17 Mar 2003

Have you got Win98 or above and USB

  david4637 21:58 17 Mar 2003

woodchip - As listed above W98SE, I use USB to drive an ink jet.
Is there anything I should consider with the make/spec. Thanks David

  powerless 22:05 17 Mar 2003

MAX price - Budget, see what you can get for your money, make sure there is bundled software and away you go...

"Will probably use it more for photocopying than scanning pictures" - Nothing fancy then.

  bfoc 22:31 17 Mar 2003

And the Canon scanners have a good reputation, but you can also find good deals at the morgan auction site click here and at Dabs auction site click here.

With your machine specification you don't need anything too high resolution, since colour scanning at higher resolution eats memory!

Best of luck.

  woodchip 23:29 17 Mar 2003

Well I have an Epson Perfection 1250 but that's now a 1260 if I was you that's what I would go for. I do not know what you intend to use it for, if you want to put photo slides in you will have to pay more for the slide holder

  woodchip 23:32 17 Mar 2003

PS they nearly all have basic photo editing and OCR programs but if you intend Doing anything reasonable with ocr you will need a better Program Like Textbridge

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