kingussie 15:32 26 Apr 2006

Can someone tell me how to make my scanner printer open in Word and not in Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Micro soft which are the only two options that come up.
I want to be able to scan a document and place it in Word for editing or onward emailing

  rsinbad 15:57 26 Apr 2006

In Word can you not just go to insert then picture in the list is an option to get from camera or scanner.

  Simsy 16:09 26 Apr 2006

i.e. put it in word document for onward emailing, is not the best way to get a picture so someone... the file is likely to be large...

However, that said...

Open Word... on the menu select Insert>Picture>From Scanner or Camera

You'll probably find that this inserts a picture that is the size of you scanner plater, (A4).

You're likely to be much better off scanner the picture via one of your photo programmes, editing it in that, and then emailing the picture as an attachment.

Good luck,



  woodchip 16:30 26 Apr 2006

I use WordPerfect 8 in that it's Insert\Graphics\Acquire Image

  kingussie 16:30 26 Apr 2006

It is a "Document " I want to scan not a picture. That is the problem. When I scan a document it wants to open in Cd Burner or Adobe Photoshop, there are no other options, which is why I want to open in Word

  Woolwell 17:05 26 Apr 2006

If you want to edit a document which has been scanned in using Word then you need an OCR program which will read and recognise the scan and will then transfer it to Word. Did your scanner come with a basic OCR program?

  woodchip 19:02 26 Apr 2006

As above you need to use OCR, any scanned doc is a Image, just like a photo that's how your computer sees it.

  kingussie 19:59 26 Apr 2006

Yes I have OCR but nothing comes up and when I select OCR it still comes up in the two above options but not word

  woodchip 21:09 26 Apr 2006

Why not copy paste into word after OCR

  VoG II 21:12 26 Apr 2006

Have you tried scanning using either of the offered choices, then running your OCR program afterwards?

  Simsy 23:11 26 Apr 2006

scan it... then save it as an image... then OCR it... then save it as a Word doc from your OCR programme.

Now I understand what you're trying to do better...

You might find what you want to do can be done from the file menu... File>aquire text

However, in my experience, you can ususally make a much better job of it by using the method I've indicated above, unless what you're scanning is a good quality text, clean and bright, and plain layout, with no images.

Good luck,



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