Scanned file size

  griffo 16:51 07 Feb 2003

we are scanning documents onto our PC's and find that the file sizes are excessive. Can anyone suggest how we might 'compress' them? We are saving them as bitmap currently but this still produces large files.

  leo49 16:56 07 Feb 2003

Try .jpg file type.


  siouxah1 18:52 07 Feb 2003

Just a couple of suggestions. Will also get you back to the top. If you have not done the following - try-

1. Ensure you have not selected colour unless required.

2. Reduce the DPI to something like 100 and make a trial run.

3. Reduce the scanned size to 50% and do a trial run.

4. Plus of course as above save in jpg format

  Pesala 19:49 07 Feb 2003

Scanned documents sounds like text, so JPG compression quality should be to high - not less than 80% but still much more compact than BMP.

See the following thread:
click here

  leo49 19:51 07 Feb 2003

Well spotted Pesala -good job somebody's on the ball. :o)

  Peter 20:05 07 Feb 2003


You could try Pagis Pro 3. It uses a propriety file format (.XIF), but it turns a 900k 300 dpi 1 bit scan of a bank statement into a 40k very good quality black and white document.

You could also investigate DjVu at click here.


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