scandisk on start up

  campal 22:22 03 Jul 2004

when i start up scandisk is always running i have tested my hard disk and it is alright how can i solve it

  VoG II 22:24 03 Jul 2004

Which version of Windows?

  campal 22:34 03 Jul 2004

i am running win me

  Totally-braindead 22:41 03 Jul 2004

If scandisk is starting every time you switch on the most likely cause is windows not shutting down properly, this could be caused by a multitude of things, unfortunatly I've never had this particular problem so I'll have to leave it for someone else to help. Good luck.

  VoG II 22:42 03 Jul 2004
  VoG II 23:01 03 Jul 2004

and click here
as well.

  end 23:21 03 Jul 2004

do you have a way of getting into the programe to tell it when to run????? (am on Win 98se myself and that"s waht I can o with mine)

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