Scandisk query

  geoff47 23:56 28 Sep 2003

I have broadband connection always on and hve found it best to unplug it to scandisk.
I am I right in thinking it could stop scandisk working or is it only in my head?
Geoff47 01:12 29 Sep 2003

that you have antivirus and firewall running while connected. As everything except Explorer and Systray has to be closed down during Scandisk you would be wise to disconnect rather than run it with no protection.

  geoff47 01:44 29 Sep 2003

Thought as much,and I am sure it works better disconnected too.

  KwaK 11:21 30 Sep 2003

My PC locked up last night. Pushed the off switch, went to bed.

Booted up this morning, Scandisk detected an illegal shutdown and started scanning....

3 hours later it was still scanning!

Booted up the other PC with dial up internet connection, came straight to the PC Advisor website, searched for scandisk and this thread was at the top, read this thread, pushed the on/off button on my broadband modem, scandisk completed its task.


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