Scandisk problems with XPhome

  biped 01:50 23 Nov 2003

I can't scandisk and fix errors, either with winxp chkdsk utility or with Norton Syswks. I get message that the operating system or another process has exclusive access to the drive or some of its files. I can schedule and run chkdsk at boot but it does not cure the problem diagnosed which is 'problem with volume bitmap'. I am using NTFS.

Things seem to be running a bit slow. Can anyone offer any advice.



  powerless 02:04 23 Nov 2003

Are you sticking an /F after ckkdsk?

  biped 11:21 23 Nov 2003

I tried /F within the windows utility, the norton systemworks utility and from the command prompt. Always get the message that the drive is in use by another process and that chkdsk cannot be run. It offers to schedule a chkdsk at startup but this does not fix the problem as diagnosed which is in the Security Descriptors area of the drive and involves 'errors in the volume bitmap'

Any other suggestions as to what is going on or what I can do? I have not used NTFS before - perhaps this is normal.

  JIM 11:50 23 Nov 2003

the link is info with Nortons Sys/wks and XP.
Also look at other links which ? may help.

click here

click here


click here

click here

---solution ???,but similar symptoms as you discribe

  biped 16:15 23 Nov 2003

Jim - Thanks - fantastic help - those links are really useful. I'll try “chkntfs <drive letter>:” and if that doesn't report that the “dirty bit” is set I may just forget about the problem for a while. Otherwise it looks like next best is to download and install the appropriate hard drive tools and if all else fails use the recovery utility.

Thanks again


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