Scandisk problem

  vienna1981 21:10 15 Jul 2003

Hi, I cannot seem to get my scandisk to work at the moment. I've ran disk cleanup, then closed down all background programs and made sure my screensaver is off, but the scandisk checks folders and then goes back to checking file allocation tables and does this over and over as if something is running in the bckground, but i've checked and there's nothing! I've updated my antivirus software and checked for any viruses which may be causing this but so far there are no viruses found, i've also updated windows but this hasnt changed the scandisk problem! Any ideas on what the problem could be and how I can solve it? Thanks in advance for any advice and help!

  sil_ver 21:25 15 Jul 2003

Could be your AV that's causing the problem. You don't say what O/S you are using but try disabling everything in the startup progs of msconfig also check win.init and boot.ini for any reference to antivirus or any other progs that have nothing to do with the O/S and disable them. reboot and try scandisk again. Otherwise try it in Safe Mode.

  holly polly 21:25 15 Jul 2003

what os are you using?

  holly polly 21:32 15 Jul 2003

sil_ver beat me to it,was going to say the same boot up in safe mode at least you know then all non assential applications are not running ,icedently you didn't say how long you left scandisk running ,believe me if you are running a through one and auto reparing errors it is a long labouruos process ,one ideally done over night,good luck hol pol...

  TommyRed 21:36 15 Jul 2003

I had this recently and found I'd made a copy of it's resolution. I don't know if this work's in all OS's mine is 98SE. You have to disable the 'quicklaunch' toolbar by right clicking on an empty space by your 'quicklaunch' toolbar click on toolbars and then click on 'Quick Launch' to untick. Remember to do the same after scandisk to put the tick back. Post back if still having problems.

  vienna1981 21:59 15 Jul 2003

my OS is Win98se, I'll try unticking the quick launch toolbar, if this doesnt work i'll post back

  vienna1981 22:00 15 Jul 2003

p.s i dont like the idea of running it in safe mode since i've never had to before

  User-312386 00:27 16 Jul 2003

you may have to run in Safe Mode as there may be a lot of problems on your disc and it may be essential that you do it in this mode.

also carry out a disc clean up 1st and delete all temporary internet files


  vienna1981 11:03 16 Jul 2003

Tommy thanks for your advice, unchecking the quick launch toolbar worked! At least now I know that its nothing serious!

  TommyRed 22:49 17 Jul 2003

Yeh, I was quite amazed when it worked for me, because everyone was telling me to run in safe mode etc, Glad it worked, save the solution because I forgot between Scandisks and luckily I'd saved the advice (from Microsoft Support I think).

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