ScanDisk problem

  TommyRed 23:07 11 Jul 2003

About to do a ScanDisk and Defrag but I'm getting the message about restarting 10 times. Have closed all running programmes and disabled AVG but just need to know how to disable ZoneAlarm. I've done this before but can't remember how. I'm not sure if I deleted ZoneAlarm last time because it was doing my head in. Any ideas?
Cheers TR

  woodchip 23:15 11 Jul 2003

start in safe mode and run scandisk

  woodchip 23:16 11 Jul 2003

PS screen savers are the worst culprit of stopping Scandisk try disabling it

  3tg 00:00 12 Jul 2003

Double click on Zone Alarm in taskbar and choose "shut down Zone Alarm ", but remeber to reactivate it when you go online again

  3tg 00:02 12 Jul 2003

soory that should be right click !

  TommyRed 17:00 12 Jul 2003

Found out how I did it last time, just disabled quicklaunch toolbar. Worked a treat. Thanks to all who answered. TR

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