Scandisk Problem

  prima12 10:13 07 Jul 2007

I had to switch off my PC instead of shutting it down and while doing the scandisk it threw up the following message, 'Scandisk detected an invalid long filename entry and was unable to fix, run scandisk for Windows'. I have done this and it showed no errors, any suggestions please. I am running W98se and have tried reinstalling W98se over the top of the existing entry.

  p;3 10:44 07 Jul 2007

I am on win 98se; each time you boot up win 98se checks itself ( does a scan disc) for errors; have you now managed to run scan disc while booted up in normal as opposed to safe mode?

did you run the scan disc program itself in its standard or thorough mode?

  prima12 11:45 07 Jul 2007

I ran it in 'Safe Mode' as I couldn't determine all the programmes that were running in the background and it kept restarting. I did do a thorough scan not a standard.My scandisk only kicks in if I switch it off i.e. when it 'locks up', never at any other time. P.

  p;3 11:57 07 Jul 2007

try running scan disc in the comp's normal mode and in the programs standard mode; it should only take a few minutes to run

if you did run scan disc in thorough mode , mine will take about three hours to run even in comp safe mode; thorough scan disc is really not necessary unless you think you do have a major problem

is the comp 'playing up'?

and if so, what seems to be happeing to /with it?

  p;3 12:27 07 Jul 2007


try running disc defragmenter

start/programs/accessories/system tools/defragmenter
see how that runs ...or not
may take a time (time for a cupa and sit down for favourite moovie or tv prog )if you have never run IT before

and tell us what av and other protection you have on there too please


  prima12 12:34 07 Jul 2007

I tried running scandisk in 'normal' mode but it keeps stopping after 10 attempts and I know it's because of background programmes running. In 'msconfig startup'what do I need to be left 'checked' to run scandisk, I remember that 'Systray' is one, but what else? P.

Heres a couple of other problems that have occurred over the last year and still not rectified.
click here
click here

  prima12 12:35 07 Jul 2007

I am running 'Diskeeper' defragmenter programme which is permanently defraging when the screensaver is on.P.

  prima12 12:37 07 Jul 2007

I have AVG 7.5 A/V and Sygate firewall.

  p;3 12:59 07 Jul 2007

turn OFF your screan saver and try running scan disc again;

also see if in

ctrl/alt/del you have find fast program running

also puzzzled as to why you have diskeeper permanently running ;; all you probably need is to run the defragmenter built in to win 98se; have you never run THAT program?

  p;3 13:07 07 Jul 2007

you may also wish to take on board and run on a full deep scan each of these


click here

click here
a squared

click here

unfortunately I cannot locate a link for adaware se which works with win 98se as the new adaware 2007 does NOT work with win 98se::((

I am assuming you are on Broadband?

  p;3 13:37 07 Jul 2007

this link

click here goes to the exe I have on my comp for adaware se that works with win 98se;

try that too

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