Scandisk problem

  Paraaanoid Android 16:03 26 Mar 2004

I have a PC that runs Windows ME. The processor is an Athlon XP2000 and has 512mb of 266 DDR RAM. There are two hard drives, a 30GB master drive that contains the operating system and a 80GB slave drive that is used for data storage and MP3 storage.The problem is that when scandisk is run on the operating system drive this messsage is displayed "SCANDISK HAS RESTARTED 10 TIMES BECAUSE WINDOWS OR ANOTHER PROGRAM HAS BEEN WRITING TO THIS DRIVE. QUITING SOME PROGRAMS MAY ENABLE SCANDISK TO FINISH SOONER" Basically scandisk will run like this for hours on end if I let it, despite closing all programs. What is the solution to this problem, any ideas please?

  Knut 16:13 26 Mar 2004

When you say that you closed all programmes did you just close all of your applications? What they mean is closing the programmes running in the background. Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete once will show such programmes. Don't close down Explorer or Systray whatever you do!

  gudgulf 16:33 26 Mar 2004

As an alternative boot the computer into safe mode and run scandisc from there---same goes for disc defragmenter.

  Paraaanoid Android 19:54 26 Mar 2004

Thank you Knut and good gulf for your assistance. i have resolved the problem by running msconfig and unchecking un-necessary start up items. It appears that my Epson C64 printer was the culprit that stopped me using Scandisk. Now Scandisc runs perfectly. thank you both for your assistance in pointing me in the right direction to solve this problem.

  GaT7 20:12 26 Mar 2004

Diskeeper Lite - download from - click here . Runs in normal Windows conditions without restarting in a loop. You don't have to shutdown any processes or fiddle about with any settings. And it also usually completes much faster than Windows defragmenter.

  Paranoid Android 20:22 26 Mar 2004

Hey, are we related ?

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