redsforever 17:25 30 Jun 2003

Im having trouble running scandisk (windows 98). I know i have problems on my drive so am trying to use the thorough option. I have closed everything down (eg. zonealarm/anti virus etc) however even if i leave it running for 6 hours or more its only gets about a quarter of the way through before i give up and cancel.

Any thoughts........

  doug vem 17:34 30 Jun 2003

Just leave it running overnight. The length of time depends on a few things, such as size of the disc, How badly it's fragmented and what problems there are. Give it another whirl. As an afterthought do it in Safe Mode. That will ensure that there are only the minimum fo drivers loaded. If you don't know how to boot into safe mode try holding the cntrl key down immedeately after switching on. There are other keys to try instead but this will depend on your motherboard.

  Simon_P 17:43 30 Jun 2003

Boot your PC using your windows 98 Boot floppy! or on the shutdown menu select "restart in DOS
Then run scandisk from the DOS prompt.

i.e if you are at the "C:>\" prompt type scandisk and hit the "return" key

This will launch scandisk.
Once it has gone through the normal scans you will be asked if you want to perform a through serface scan, select yes.

  bof:) 19:57 30 Jun 2003

Hi redsforever,

also if not using 'safe mode' (start PC and keep pressing the F8 should get a list to pick from, choose safe get out of safe mode just go to start and restart) make sure screen saver is turned off.

Have you tried defragging 1st using 'Power Defrag'.

There is a free program at:

click here

it is listed under 'Old Versions'.

There is also a free 30 day trial of the latest version available.

Sometimes if you try to defrag a HD it will tell you that you need to scandisk first. If so try and do this in safe mode or DOS


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