Scandisc probs.

  Kev 10:59 08 Feb 2003


I'm running a dual boot, Win98 & Win2000. (Both FAT32) "stand alone" non-networked set-up.

When I try and run scandisc in Win98 I get a shell32.dll error. I've replaced the file using file checker but the error continues.
When I run scandisc in Win2000 I get a message saying that "exclusive access could not be obtained". I doubt these probs are connected, but I don't know.

Any help with either of the above greatfully received.



  Lú-tzé 12:01 08 Feb 2003

Win98: Try booting with a startup floppy and run scandisk - it might help.

For Win2k: ensure that windows explorer is not open - that is often the cause. Go into My computer then right click on the drive with win2k and go to properties, then close windows explorer, then go to tools and then to error checking.

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