scandisc problem from mystery disc access

  Davy Crocket 20:04 12 Sep 2003

Scandisc has been taking ages on my system for some time, but now it will only finish the process with the computer in safe mode. If I leave it running it eventually flashes up an error message saying it has had to keep resetting due to windows or another programme writing to the disc. Even when I've closed every programme in the system tray, disconnected my modem (ntl broadband),run a virus check and run Spybot I get the same result and 'system monitor' tells me there is still something writing to file on average 3 times per second. I've closed everything in msconfig that I don't know the purpose of.
Windows Me, Zonealarm and AVG on board

  citadel 20:48 12 Sep 2003

I sometimes have trouble with scandisc. I find it is best to run it straight after swithing the computer on. Forcing scandisc to run by doing an improper shutdown sometimes works.

  anchor 09:22 13 Sep 2003

Try Diskeeper Lite; its free and can be downloaded from:

click here

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