Scan for wireless networks

  wirelesswhat 14:59 25 Sep 2006

Good day,
I have a Senao(external) wireless long range box and would like to now scan my surrounding areas to see what wireless networks are available in the area. I have downloaded net stumbler but it does not seem to pick up my senao wireless box? Any ideas as to what other software i can try or what the problem might be ?

  ade.h 15:39 25 Sep 2006

I cannot specifically answer your query, but I should mention that - unless you live next to Starbucks et al - any networks that you may find will almost certainly be private and not provided for public use. And connecting to a network without permission is, as you may know, illegal. I'm not assuming that you actually want to connect to these networks, but... just in case you were.

  wirelesswhat 15:46 25 Sep 2006

The reason for me wanting to scan is we have a lot of internet service providers in the area that offer fairly cheap internet connections using there local wireless network. I would like to see what service providers are avaliable in the area then find out the pricing for each of these providers.By the way I live in south starbucks here !!!

  ade.h 16:25 25 Sep 2006

"No Starbucks here" - They'll be setting up branches very soon, I'm sure!

Unless you need the additional equipment to pick up these mentworks - because of distance, for example - XP plus a wireless adapter - or your external box - provides easy searching for available networks. You might get on better doing it that way.

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