scan times

  desi3026 10:52 08 Nov 2005

could someone tell me why each scan I do,whether it be Norton/Adaware etc,more files are scanned than the previous one,even though I frequently delete temp int files and nothing has been downloaded.For instance,NAV was scanning about 88,000 files a few days ago,and now its scanning 91,000.I do scans every day,so I notice the increase.Everything working ok,just curious
Dell 4600

  PaulB2005 11:45 08 Nov 2005

System Restore might be adding to the number of files too.

  desi3026 11:47 08 Nov 2005

Should I delete all but most recent restore point?
And should I do this on a regular basis?

  PaulB2005 12:54 08 Nov 2005

Not unless you really want to.

  desi3026 12:57 08 Nov 2005

I did delete all but most recent restore points PaulB2005 and it did make a noticeable difference to Norton scan time,from 54 mins earlier,to41 mins just now.The Adaware files scanned was 109,000 instead of about 118,000,so doing that did reduce files.I will probably do this occasionally,thanks for the tip

  jack 20:05 08 Nov 2005

Every mouse click, save,delete, internet activity, programs coming on going off adds a file or more to the overall total- every web page adds a cookie
it is endless

  desi3026 22:04 08 Nov 2005

I didnt know about every mouse click jack,and even a delete adds a file?
It all gets quite frightening if you stop and think about it eh?
I'll probably be more careful with my clicks for a few hours,then hopefully I'll stop worrying about it.
Many thanks for the tips and info everybody,desi3026

  wildthing6666 00:21 09 Nov 2005

download [url]click here[/url] to clear some of the unused junk from your pc

  desi3026 12:03 09 Nov 2005

Ive just taken the ccleaner tour,but will there be any conflicts with NAV/Spysweeper/Spybot or Adaware?
I do rather like the sound of it though.
Thanks for the ccleaner info wildthing6666

  GroupFC 10:27 10 Nov 2005

"will there be any conflicts" - shouldn't be, I have seen it recommended on here many times and many forum members use it, myself included, and I haven't had any problems with it so far (touches wood rapidly!).

  desi3026 14:42 10 Nov 2005

thanks GroupFC,will download and install,it does seem to very popular on the forums

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