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Scan print size

  Nenad 10:05 13 Feb 2011

My HP Deskjet F4180 printer/scanner is scanning A4 text documents at less than 1:1, so the scan becomes about 80% of the original. Could someone please advise a way of correcting so the default is 1:1 without adjustment (ideally)

  QuizMan 10:13 13 Feb 2011

The most obvious reason is that either the scan size or the subsequent print size are not at A4 size during the initial set up on the scanner or output on the printer. The latter is more likely. For example, some printers will default to Letter Size (8.5"x11"). If so, and is this is bigger than A4, scaling will occur.

  QuizMan 10:14 13 Feb 2011

Typo - last sentence should be:
If so, and as this is bigger than A4, scaling will occur.

  Nenad 10:56 13 Feb 2011

Thanks Quizman but have just tried an A4 with text. The scanner measures output at 8.5 x 11.69 as original but then reduces it to 6.98 x 9.34 and so prints at this reduced size.
Also tried a handwritten letter and the writing is similarly reduced.
Have you any ideas to overcome this pain?
Thank you

  bremner 11:08 13 Feb 2011

What scanning software are you using?

  Nenad 11:18 13 Feb 2011

Hi Bremner
Don't know what it is except the original supplied with the machine

  QuizMan 12:33 13 Feb 2011

Just to be clear, are you using the scanner to scan the documents, outputting them to a PC and printing from there or are you simply using the copy function on the F4180? (That assumes there is one as I am not familiar with that machine.)

If outputting via the PC, are you happy that your drivers up to date?

  bremner 13:30 13 Feb 2011

Unless you tell us the software that you are using we cannot help.

When the Program is open it will have its name at the top of the window.

  Nenad 15:02 13 Feb 2011

Hi QuizMan and Bremner
Sorry I don't understand. There is no program indicated I use HP Solutions and then a window comes up and simply says HP scanning in progress.
Tried another A4 and the scanner reduces its size and asks Accept?
Am told the drivers etc are up to date.

Is there somewhere that I can find the program?

  lotvic 15:32 13 Feb 2011

As per QuizMan asked:

Tell us which buttons you press and if they are on the printer or on the pc.

Are you just 'copying' documents (Copy button on printer which scans and prints straightaway) or are you saving scanned document to a file on the pc?

You may have to reset the default options of the printer as most come with default US sizes and then there is printer margins (printable area) to consider as well. Depends on how you are doing it.

  lotvic 15:46 13 Feb 2011

Are you using this method click here to scan?
video tutorials using different programs to scan in click here
Manuals - HP Deskjet F4180 All-in-One Printer click here&=

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