Scan to PC (SCX-4623FN) Insufficient Memory

  PalaeoBill 18:32 07 Jul 2010

I have just bought a Samsung SCX-4623FN networked fax/scanner/laser printer. When you attempt to 'scan to PC',i.e. stand at the printer and press the ok button in an attempt to scan documents and send them to a folder on PC, a message box pops up on the PC screen saying 'Insufficient memory' and very helpfully (not!) suggests that you stop running other applications to free some memory up.
There are no other applications running save AV and Firewall. The PC has 2Gb of ram, its running XP SP3 and is otherwise fine. It will happily run all other software including the memory hungry Photoshop and I have never had an insufficient memory error before.
Samsung have been useless.
Any ideas anyone? Please!

It functions just fine in all roles when driven by software from the PC.

  Audio~~Chip 21:53 07 Jul 2010

telephone support and asked them about this issue?

Insufficient memory errors can be caused by viruses, faulty memory, power supply issue or software driver issue.

Try uninstalling all of the samsung software and drivers, run a full virus scan, reinstall the all in one printer again. Do not connect the printer first until its asks you to connect and power on.

  woodchip 21:59 07 Jul 2010

Laser have there own memory in the Printer it may be getting over loaded by too bigger scan image. Try lower resolution or smaller picture to see if that's the problem

  PalaeoBill 22:24 07 Jul 2010

Samsung telephone support:
Yes they said as much as you did in your second paragraph and suggested I upgrade the memory.
Causes of insufficient memory:
Yes, I have had a good look at that, checked the event logs, run motherboard and ram diagnostics,... nothing. The power supply is twice the man the PC needs.
Uninstall re-install:
Yes, tried that three times also downloaded drivers from Samsung instead of using supplied CD. Still no joy. You have to connect the printer while installing as the installation software needs to find and identify the printer on the network. I followed the instuction manual to the letter. I also tried not following it.

It isn't getting that far, the process fails whilst the printer is attempting to communicate with the PC. I have tried your suggestion thoughn and set the lowest resolution with no joy.

There is a program running on the PC called scan2pc.exe, you can see it in TaskManager. If I load the scan&fax manager on the PC and ask it to scan (from the PC user interface)it will scan whatever is in the feed tray and correctly save the .PDF's on the PC in the correct folder. It is not as if the software will not run, it runs just fine if you manually load it.
The problem is when you stand at the printer and attempt to do the scan from there. The PC just pops up the error dialogue 'Insufficient Memory'. Watching Task Manager whilst this happens, there is a small blip in scan2pc.exe memory usage but just a small one, then nothing and no record of an error in the event logs.

  woodchip 23:23 07 Jul 2010

then it sounds like a faulty printer, As I said Laser Printers have inbuilt memory. On dearer Lasers like a Copier you can had more memory. the memory in the printer may be faulty, unless they have changed the way they make them look hear second one down. click here

You can ask a question hear click here

  woodchip 23:28 07 Jul 2010

That click hear should be this one, it may help click here

  PalaeoBill 11:26 08 Jul 2010

Thanks but no joy.
Its not a memory problem with the printer. It is a problem with the PC, or more specifically with the resident software on the PC that the printer attempts to communicate with. I suspect the scan&fax manager is attempting to launch a GUI when the printer initiates comms but then detects a problem so the 'insufficient memory' dialogue is presented. It shouldn't happen. A single core CPU Windows XP machine with 2Gb of RAM should have more than enough memory to cope.
It must be an address conflict somewhere but I don't know where to look, I need a clue.
So far I've disabled the AV and firewall and removed as much of the resident stuff as I can (Adobe updater, etc.)

  Audio~~Chip 21:36 10 Jul 2010

Even though you say your PSU is more than adequate enough it is possible though the machine is working normally the may be a defficiency in the PSU not giving juice to the USB Ports and this causing the installation error.

Easy way to test a psu is to plug in say a USB Memory stick on the front then try the back. If the memory stick is not detected then your psu is faulty most likely the 12v rail.

Uninstall the USB Drivers but before doing this make sure you have your Motherboard Driver CD or the correct Drivers for reinstall. Aslo Chipset Driver.

Try someone elses printer on your machine or borrow someone elses machine to install printer on.

  T0SH 22:30 10 Jul 2010

Perhaps you need to check the default scan resolution on your scanner? very high resolution scans need lots of memory processing space easy way to test is to let windows manage your virtual memory page file

Cheers HC

  woodchip 16:38 11 Jul 2010

USB are 5 volts

  PalaeoBill 19:19 11 Jul 2010

The Samsung is networked, i.e. its ethernet port is plugged into my router via RJ45 UTP. I have tried to use it plugged directly via USB but it doesn't work that way either.
The default scan resolution is irrelevant as it failing way before it attempts to scan. I did try setting it to its lowest anyway (when I was clutching at straws) to no avail.

The same problem 'insufficient memory' comes up on my laptop as well as my desktop. So its not a PSU problem or a real lack of ram problem. The laptop has 4 Gig.

I have a Canon Lide scanner (USB) which works with both my desktop and laptop. I also have an old HP Laserjet 5 hooked up to a print manager on the network and I can print to that without problem. For that matter I can print to the Samsung and scan from it without problem, if I run the software manually from the PC. The problem is when you try to go operate remotely from the Samsung. It should just scan and write a .PDF to a folder on the PC but it errors out when you press the scan button on the scanner, before it attempts to feed the original in. A menu on the scanner asks you to confirm which PC you want to connect to, then which folder you want to write to. The it says communicating. Then the 'insufficient memory' message pops up on the PC screen. The scanner display stays saying 'connecting...'

Clearly its not a lack of memory. Its either a bug in the Scanner driver or the Scan&fax manager software, or its a problem with the way I have XP SP3 configured (on two different machines). I can't see what though as I have disabled or uninstalled just about everything that can be. Perhaps a block of memory needs to be reserved or a registry entry is wrong or needs to be added.

Does anyone have one of these scanners or any Samsung all-in-one that does work?

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