scan to email not working epson xp 530

  pippitypip 17:42 16 Apr 2017

Hi, my father has a new Epson XP 530 all in one printer. He wants to scan directly to email but it won't work. It all appears to be working - the data gets transferred to the PC and a Windows Live box appears where you put the recipient's email address in. It has the correct sender's email address in this box, but the recipient simply doesn't receive it. There are no error messages and no mail delivery failure messages. It does not appear as a sent message in the sender's email address.

He uses Windows 10.

Could it be a problem with Windows Live? Or does anyone have any suggestions? I have looked at the Epson customer support page and it is no help.

  wee eddie 18:03 16 Apr 2017

Save seconds. Save the Scan to the My Docs file and email it from there. Life's too short to worry

  wee eddie 18:05 16 Apr 2017

An added bonus is that you get to check that the Scan is what you want, before it is sent

  pippitypip 19:33 16 Apr 2017

Thanks wee eddie. I hear in your message the voice of reason. However, it's lost on my father. He has bought a machine that scans to email, and that's what he wants to do.

  wee eddie 20:04 16 Apr 2017

Tell him the story of the Business Woman who accidentally sent a scan of her nether regions

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