Scan to email with Epson Perfection 1250

  rozelle 21:02 08 Oct 2003

I am a big fan of Epson products but now disappointment has set in. I wanted to scan a document and email it. The info panel that came up stated that my ISP, Freeserve was not supported for this function !!. It then said the only systems that are compatible with my scanner are the following

Lotuscc:mail 6
Qualcomm Eudora Pro 3.0
Nescape Mail4.x [do they mean Netscape ???]
Microsoft Exchange

I used to be with AOL but changed to Freeserve and I have Outlook Express on my Windows XP system. I am amazed that Epson does not appear to have compatibility with Freeserve [ nor AOL previously] - contacting Epson, they said I should get in touch with Freeserve so they can sort the problem out !!!!!! What should I say to Freeserve ?????

Can anyone help please.

  madPentium 22:04 08 Oct 2003

what the heck are epson talking about????
If you want to email a scan then its the epson software that needs to simply open outlook express. It has nothing to do with your ISP at all. Ask Epson to find someone with experience on computers to talk to you.

  woodchip 22:13 08 Oct 2003

They mean as you said get netscape 7 and set the mail as default that comes with Netscape it's a better browser than IE any way. I have your scanner and Netscape but do not bother with that feature as I use other programs. I only loaded the drivers for the scanner not the software as I use Pagis 3 for docs scanning Textbridge Pro 9 for OCR and Photo edit software that?s not cut down versions

  Pesala 22:14 08 Oct 2003

Since the most time-consuming bit is doing the actual scan I wouldn't think it worth bothering about. I have never used the buttons on my Epson Perfection 1250 scanner. I wonder if using the button would save even half a minute.

You would have to use the function dozens of times every day to warrant spending time contacting Freeserve to sort out the problem.

I just scan from my graphics program, select the dpi I need (96 would be about right for email), then crop the file and save it to disk ready for attaching to an email.

  woodchip 22:29 08 Oct 2003

just what I do

  rozelle 14:04 09 Oct 2003

Hi again, I wold like to thank madPentium, woodchip and Pesala for taking the trouble to respond. I decided to telephone Epson and did manage to speak to a knowledgeable person who said the information I had originally been given was incorrect. He explained that a Patch had been developed to overcome the problem of scanning with Outlook Express and XP. He gave me details of the website to get the patch downloaded. [ ]. He said the Perfection came out before XP and this was the cause of incompatibility.
Thanks again, your help has been much appreciated.

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