Scan disk problem and possible disk failure

  Nessie 23:22 21 Jun 2004

I have a 40gb hard drive that I got off a friend but it is quite new. I have formatted it twice and both times including install of xp it shows as 40gb. Once with windows ME and once with xp they both read the disk size as 5.25GB. Whats going on. If I try and do a scan disk it comes up with " windows must have exclusive access to drive" and does not do a scan disk. this is even in safe mode. This happens in my main pc as well. Any help om both problems would be great. Thanks

  User-312386 23:23 21 Jun 2004

hi there

how old is the PC?

  Nessie 23:30 21 Jun 2004

Quite new, 256 ddr, radion 7200, xp pro,

  User-312386 23:34 21 Jun 2004

let me get this right

the PC is relativley new, how old?

what happened to the original HDD that was in the computer and what was the size of that?

How did you format the HDD, via the xp disc? Did you creat any partitions?

  Nessie 23:40 21 Jun 2004

Just built with older components, so using hard drive that was originally ntfs. Checked with fdisk and it said there were no other file formats and there is one partion for 40gb of fat 32, HD was formated using xp second time but the first time, only a few days before, it had been formatted using fdisk etc and then windows ME was installed. Both times it had disk as 5.25 GB. Thanks again

  User-312386 23:52 21 Jun 2004

to be honest if you are going to have XP i would reformat the HDD using XP Disc

  Nessie 00:06 22 Jun 2004

I have used xp to format on second instal aS EXPLAINED ABOVE.

  hugh-265156 00:07 22 Jun 2004

what size is the drive showing in the bios?

  Nessie 09:05 22 Jun 2004


  Nessie 10:00 22 Jun 2004

Just noticed madboy33 did not mean to do capitals in previous post sorry must have hit cap lock.

  User-312386 08:17 23 Jun 2004

Double click My Computer>right click the drive and select properties>click on the tools tab and then click on error checking and tick the 2 boxes

click ok to the next message and restart the computer

this will do a full disc check

p.s Do you know the make of the HDD?

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