scan disk and defragment

  0000jb0000 21:08 22 Apr 2005

I thought I'd have a sort out but when I run scan disk it stops to tell me 'scan disk has started 10 times cos something is writing to this drive'. When I try to defrag it wont go past 1%. Where do I go to find what is running on start up. I've stopped the screen saver and disabled the firewall and virus scan. Help!! I'm on win 98se.

  Meshuga 21:26 22 Apr 2005

Do it in safe mode.

  QuickHare 21:30 22 Apr 2005

It's not so much what starts up with Windows (though some viruses and spyware can cause this), but what's running at the time. Try pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete to bring up the Task Manager, then End Task for all applications which are unimportant (note this may lose unsaved work. Save beforehand). Then try running Defrag and Scandisk again.

  woodchip 21:53 22 Apr 2005

Doing it like above, you have to leave Explorer and System tray running

  0000jb0000 20:31 24 Apr 2005

When I bring up task manager theres quite a list of things eg. mpftray mcvsftsn rundll32 mcvrste.What are they and where do they go when i end task?

  VoG II 20:37 24 Apr 2005

click here

click here

click here

click here

You can turn all of these off (esp the McAfee ones as long as you are disconnected from the internet).

When you restart your PC they will start up again automatically.

  woodchip 23:07 24 Apr 2005

If you turn of Explorer the computer will restart

  p;3 23:07 24 Apr 2005

while doing the above ensure you are disconnected from the net; then you are safe to run "unprotected" for the duration of the scans (that is what I do with my Win 98se); but be sure to reboot and get fully protected again before reconnecting to the net:)

and a point; in scan disc, if you run it in thorough mode, be prepared to go and get a cup of tea, sandwich and a good tv program to watch; my thorough scan disc can take up to two hours to complete checking both system and data areas; but please ensure you are NOT connected to the net while doing this, and reboot thoroughly to fully protect yourself again ; if you dont you are asking for big trouble from unwanted house-guests::)))

  Pesala 06:57 25 Apr 2005

Diskeeper Lite click here (11.9Mb) direct link to installation *.exe file.

It is *much* faster than Windows defragmenter, and will run in the background while other programs are running (as long as they are not disk intensive, because obviously Diskeeper needs to access the disk very frequently).

I'm writing this message with Diskeeper running in the background at the moment. Because I run it nearly every day, it doesn't take long to complete - about five or ten minutes is average. If I leave it for a few weeks, that climbs to about forty minutes.

  Pesala 07:02 25 Apr 2005

Is that fast enough? I have a 40 Gybte drive which is over half full.

  Andsome 07:36 25 Apr 2005

The paid for version of Diskeeper is extremely cheap. You can set it to run in the background. It never lets the drives fragment more than a tiny fraction.

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