scan disc freeze

  thepintoflager 19:12 09 Jun 2003

everytime i scan disc the com freezes can any one help

  Jomi 19:17 09 Jun 2003

Then defrag.

  wee eddie 19:19 09 Jun 2003

Have you tried running it in Safe Mode.

How long since you last did it.

Allow a couple of hours if you have a drive over 5Gb or haven't done it for 6 months or more.

If you have already been down these routes.

Post again, with the basic details of the PC you are running, operating system, etc

  wee eddie 19:21 09 Jun 2003

Scan disk - First

Defrag - Second

  TommyRed 20:47 09 Jun 2003

I had a similar problem. It was resolved by either disabling the screensaver or closing all running programs with ctrl, alt & del (except explorer and systray). It has something to do with screensaver/program writing to something and interupting the scandisk. Mine used to report an error saying it had been running 10 times and now it had enough and was offski, or something like that. Hope this helps

  wee eddie 20:52 09 Jun 2003

Screensaver, just set it to none.

Turn off any other time related items. energy savers etc. Their clocks interupt the program, even in safe Mode.

  David-232113 13:25 22 Jun 2003

Every time I start up my computer it runs a scan disc routine. Can anyone advise me how to stop this so that I can run scan disc only when I want to?

  wee eddie 14:30 22 Jun 2003

The Scan disk routine usually runs when the computer hasn't been closed down with the required routine. Windows is a bit picky that way!

Before reposting, have a look at your method of closing down and if it varies from the advised routine try the said routine and see what happens.

If you still have the problem. - post again with system details - operating system - et cetera

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