Scan Disc..

  fabprene 08:53 22 Feb 2003

Every time I start up my computer it is telling me that one of my discs needs to be checked.The first time this happened i let it do a check and it found things that needed sorting and it did so.
The next time i started up it once again said it needed to a disc check which i cancelled but it is doing this every time I start up and its annoying.
I`m a bit numb when it comes to computers so please bear with me.
I am running XP and have only used 5.5Gb of a 40GB hard drive so i don`t know what the problem is.Any help would be appreciated but i will have to check back later because i1m off to watch Bolton stuff United.

  Ironman556 08:59 22 Feb 2003

I'm not too familiar with XP, but assuming it's like 98, you could try doing a thorough scandisk, it'll take a while but should show up any bad sectors or other problems.

  AndySD 09:30 22 Feb 2003

It may be best to let it run.

Or set it to run from within Windows then reboot and let it finish again. Go Start/All Programs/Accessories and choose command prompttype in

chkdisk C: /F

and hit Return (Enter)

Do you have more than on Hard Drive in My Computer?

  Lozzy 10:00 22 Feb 2003

Do you by any chance have McAfee or Norton Av installed on your PC? If you do disable it then from within Windows XP run Scan Disk thorough enabled. Depending on your your PC configuration they can interfere with scan disk and cause this issue. See MS Knowledge Base for more info..

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