Scam/Phising messages.

  Gordal 23:21 17 Feb 2006

Further to the Alert posted by VOG on 6.2.06 at 0904hrs, they are still at it!

Today I recieved a similar message perporting to come from the Alliance & Leicester Building Society with a link to no doubt ask unwise people to submit their private bank info. Of course I deleted it at once, particularly as I have never used this particular Society, but as one contributor remarked on VOG's post, you do wonder how many people are gullible enough to conform to such allegedly compulsory demands?

Please be alert to such scams.

  rupie 23:32 17 Feb 2006

Even if you are not a customer of the aforementioned bank it wouuld be good to contact them with all the info you have, as a good citizen and all that.

  Gordal 23:34 17 Feb 2006

Sorry rupie, I should have mentioned that I have already done that.

  bluto1 23:54 17 Feb 2006

My Niece phoned me today re a similar call her husband had and thanks to alertness he hung up.
If we report this to the police, which we should, what can they do about it? No evidence, no identification, and only a tissue of information.Some people, as has been said here will respond. Think of the thousands of people who do not know what we know. I`ve told the older members of my family who don`t have PC`s, and I think everyone else on this forum should do the same. Come on gang, get moving.

  rupie 00:08 18 Feb 2006

good !The phone call issue that Bluto1 had is harder to get results from but an email is a 'hard' peice of evidence and it could be of use. Shame reducing fraud will only add to their profits and not reduce our charges !!!

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