Scam e-mail in Thunderbird

  the old man 20:50 30 Apr 2006

Is the only way of stopping Thunderbird considering e-mails to be thought of as 'scams', to add the senders address to my address book. I only ask as it always says my daily bbc news email may be email scam. I have clicked the button to tell thunderbird it is not a scam email but the next night it happens again.

  Stuartli 21:10 30 Apr 2006

Try Shift + J instead i.e. Not Junk

You can change the filtering from both Messages and Tools tabs.

  Stuartli 21:11 30 Apr 2006

Not Spam works OK for me and I've taken no measures initially to control it, although I do use the Junk filter.

  the old man 18:34 02 May 2006

What I am getting when I highlight the message is a bar across the top of the preview which says,
'thunderbird thinks this message might be an email scam' and at the end of the info bar is the button titled 'Not a Scam'.
Clicking that button makes no difference as it comes up the next time i get a similar email. As an example it is doing it to my nightly BBC news and sport email that i recieve.
the junk filters don't do anything to remedy this.

  the old man 18:47 02 May 2006

Sorted as I found out that it is a common problem and the option to stop this action against e-mails is within the tools/options/privacy section. Just a tick in the box, or not in this case. This option whilst very good has not really been worked out properly and several people have told mozilla.

  beynac 18:53 02 May 2006

You can turn the feature off.

In Thunderbird click on Tools/Options/Privacy/E-mail Scams and then uncheck "Check mail messages for email scams".

  beynac 18:54 02 May 2006

Damn - I was too slow!

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