Scam calls saying from Dell

  AroundAgain 18:56 08 Oct 2015


This afternoon I had a call from a chap saying he was from Dell. He had my name, my phone number although that could have been by chance, of course, but he referred to my 'computer' rather than being specific.

Interesting, the spiel was so much like the Microsoft scam, whereby he wanted me to hold down the Windows key and press R, then type in 'eventvwr'. Whoa, this rings bells ...

I only got that far because I wanted to see how similar to the MS scam and, of course, was a good copy.

Being from 'Dell', I feel this will convince a lot of people, even if they are aware of the MS scam. As ever, he sounds very convincing unless you know what he's talking about. There was no mention of 'Windows' on this call.

Also, which did make me laugh (to which he was not amused) what that he told me that because my computer was running so slowly, it was clogging up their servers ;) Oh yeah? I wonder how that happens!!!

So, I'm interested to know if this 'Dell' scam has been going on long, as I've not experienced it before, only MS

The other thing is that I do wonder where they get their (minimal ?) information from. Surely not from Dell? That would be a breach of the DPA, surely?

I also got another scam call, again, not mentioning Windows but the same stuff, ie Run, eventvwr etc. Unfortunately, I wasn't in the mood, nor had the time, to play along and mess them about today. Maybe they'll try again when I've got more time and in better mood ;)

  AroundAgain 21:08 08 Oct 2015

Ha Ha Well done rdave. Keep working on it. While they're on the phone you're keeping them away from others.

Yes, I like winding them up. Unfortunately, it's a bit of a give-away once you start laughing! Strange that I had two calls today, though. I rarely get such calls, in fact.

I once told a 'microsoft' caller that I had Linux (although I don't) and he didn't know what that was at all so I spent some time explaining it to him - but had to be a bit imaginative as I've forgotten much of how it is as so long ago since I used it. ;) He didn't know any different though.

Now, I've got a Linx 10 with Windows 10 so maybe I'll be able to confuse them next time anyone rings as they'll maybe get confused between Linx and Linux.

  AroundAgain 21:49 08 Oct 2015


Keep it up guys ... and gals, please ;)

Of course!!!!! :)

Julie :)

  Zurdo 19:44 12 Oct 2015

Been having this type of call for years. Either put the phone down or if you're feeling evil lead them on for as long as you can keep a straight face. I posted this years ago and got a rollicking from the Forum Editor! click here

  Jollyjohn 12:03 13 Oct 2015

And they really don't like Windows 95 - Yes Windows 95. I was playing with a very old box trying to get Colin Mcrae rally working when I happened to get a call from "MS Scam team". Event viewer and msconfig don't work in W95 and after 20 minutes they gave up without even getting round to asking me for any money!

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